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When You Wish Upon a Star: Four Corners of a Circle Spring/Summer 2013 Women's Collection Review

Tanabata is a historical celebration of hope and love from the 8th century Japanese lunisolar calendar.  This was inspiration for Natsuko Kanno and her Spring/Summer 2013 collection for Four Corners of a Circle.  Kanno showed a fluid collection with an affinity towards soft geometry.  Lightness is told through the use of overlapping sheer fabrics and further pushed through by the random scattered printing of stars that Kanno used to emphasize the simplicity of hope and love brought to light by wishing.  However, with all the lightness there was a soft tailoring story, not by traditional tailoring means, but more so from a focus on the linear and the appearance of sharp edges and crisp lines.  This is evident in the way items wrapped around the body reminiscent of kimonos and samurai garb.

Fast-forwarding to the merchandising aspect, it was a very sellable collection.  The cuts were flattering and relateable for a modern woman by being sportswear focused allowing a woman to integrate them into her already existing wardrobe.  The subtle colors, whimsically avant prints, dress up dress down and layering appeal of the sheers created a story a pretty feminine interchangeability that at least answers the wish that some women have to be offered clothing that celebrates their gender while symbollically evoking the beauty of life. 

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