In Clarks Mens Spring/Summer 2013 Review

It's a Clarks World After all: Clarks Mens Footwear Preview Spring/Summer 2013

They were what the yardies wore in my high school, on my block and also in the dance hall.  They  are British originals made of premium materials, of great construction and seasoned in tradition that both updates with new offerings yet stays anchored in the same greatness that made them a household name.  Comfort, style and ease know this brand and everything that the brand undertakes is routed in the three.  I'm referring of course to Clarks, the ubiquitous footwear brand that made the wallabee more than an Aussie animal and made crepe soles a comfy addition to the world of mens footwear.

The comfort still reigns for Spring 2013 as the brand updates their classics and offers some new perspectives and clean silhouettes.  Clarks wouldn't be Clarks without their patented Wallabees which is expanded to include the Wallabee Run, a lesser soled, lower version of the classic ankle style in leather and nubuck and color-infused soles on their classic Desert boots.  There's a softness to the collection with great lived in canvas and leather models like the Craft Row and grown-n-casual sneaker styles with dress shoe embellishments like wing-tip tooling and a pared-down running shape with a crepe sole.  Nautical and vintage themes run throughout the collection for spring with marina-type deck shoes that are made a dash more pristine with color-blocking and wax a bit of nostalgic with subtle cabana vacation themes. Another noteworthy model is the Craft Sail, a cool ankle length moccasin that has a great rich leathery texture, which also comes in nubuck too.  It's also good to note that many styles will come in navy colorways, a perfect softer dark for the spring/summer seasons.

It won't be hard for men to integrate any of these shoe into their wardrobes for spring.  There's a touch of something for every man.  Those waxing a touch of retro, seeking classic or wanting clean and simple.  The common thread however, and rightfully so, will remain comfortably Clarks.

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In Fall 2012 Mens Trends Fjällräven

The Alps Grow on Howard Street: Fjällräven Pop-Up Shop

I can't think of anything more frustrating with clothing where after one wash and after one wear, it falls apart or the contact with the wash water changes said item into a glorified dust rag.  Men sweat, men throw things down (often haphazardly), men use the same one article of clothing to do umpteen different things and men often find a way to destruct the indestructible.  Thankfully this season, New York has found a haven for tough clothing meant for men who lug it around with them with a pop-up shop just for them from the Swedish bastions of functionally at Fjällräven.

While Fjällräven has been in the city for a few years now, this season marks the opening of their first mens only pop-up store at 21 Howard Street NYC a great geographical location that houses the likes of Jil Sander, Dunderdon and Opening Ceremony on the same block.  

So what makes Fjällräven so special?  Visually the shapes are clean and easy to recognize as classic quality functional menswear staples like snorkel coats, ski parkas, backpacks, work shirts, anoraks and vests.  The tactile element is what sets the brand apart with every piece having a great durable hand worked in fabrics that take one to a place of outdoor revelry with rip-stop nylons, strong poly cotton blends perfect for traveling and dense lambswools that are both sturdy yet softly executed.  Their  packs have a cult following with all their various size and varied color options and after running your hand across a few of their weighted work shirts and trying on a few of their well-executed parkas, how could you not become enthralled with a company whose aesthetic is as strong as the Matterhorn.

The elements of protection and longevity aplay a major role in the appeal of Fjällräven.  One way this new pop-up shop will showcase that is by selling and offering services that retreat items with their Greenland Wax, which protects against wind, rain and wear & tear.  There's something very endearing about clothing that can take a licking, whether from you or by the elements, and keep on ticking.  It's clothing than you can take from the harsh New York terrain to the harsh terrain on the outskirts of town.  Also on showcase at the pop-up shop will be other brands such as Schwood Sunglasses, Darn Tough Socks, Granffors Bruks Axes and the brand's collaborated on items from Rustico Leathers all subscribing to Fjällräven's well-crafted aesthetic.

I support the theory that certain pieces of menswear look better with age and Fjällräven upholds this theory by making sure their clothes pack as much punch as possible.  Plus, it's pop-up presence in New York supports the modern man's creed that clothing must not only be well-made, but also kinda downtown functionally badass. 

The Fjällräven Mens Pop-Up Shop is open now at 21 Howard Street NYC until February 28, 2013.  Stop by and experience the Alps off the Bowery.  Also, bring in a gently used winter coat for donation to Hurricane Sandy Victims and receive 30% off a Fjällräven winter coat.

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In Cyber Monday Holiday 2012 Preview Ideeli

Make A List, Check It Twice: Ideeli Cyber Monday and Week Picks

If you're anything like me then you're about ready to burn your holiday gift list.  What do you buy for the eccentric uncle that is as finicky as his overweight tabby?  Where to go to find the perfect gift for your bestie who pretty much knows everywhere you shop?  How to you go about purchasing a present for your dad or mom who hates everything new while you're consistently outbid on eBay for everything old?  Ideeli has a few suggestions, complete with sweet deals on style and ways to save on getting it home for the holidays.

Ideeli, the premier site with amazing designer items at discounted prices, has got you covered for this Cyber Monday and those fast moving weeks before the holidays with eclectic and inviting gifts to savor, share or selfishly keep for yourself.  I consider myself a hard one to shop for mainly due to my specific and rapidly changing tastes.  Ideeli has some items going live this week that I consider to be quite cool accents for the home for folks with an unique flair and for those who can appreciate 'way back when' aesthetics.  

The are my favorite Ideeli releases today for Cyber Monday.  The Gorham cutlery flatware set livens up a mundane table, the ILuv MobiAir Wireless Stereo Speaker can accompany your vocal cords in the shower and Yubz classic talk retro handset merges your old and new techs.  

These items will all be available on the site on November 29th at some pretty sweet prices for vintage techie conversation pieces/waxing sentimental pieces.  Uma Enterprises Inc. offers up a cool gramophone and vintage metal sewing machine for that sleek corner table, Crosley Radio has a cool collegiate turntable and princess phone for that 'after school special' feel and AA Importing has a sweet pair of aluminum airplane bookends.

A couple last notables for the chef or baker in the family like my brother, for example who is an expert griller, Berghoff International offers up a 6 piece barbecue set and a 24 piece knife case swissler which both go live on November 28th.  

You never know what you're going to find for a great deal on Ideeli which is what makes the site so appealing.  It's quality designer goods at prices that will leave a little extra money to grinch something for yourself too.  Head on over to now and not only enjoy plundering but also enjoy 30 days of shipping for only $9.95.

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