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Appropriately Accentuating: Bee Charming Jewelry Spring/Summer 2013

Much like mastering a language, getting the little accents right can make all the difference between getting in good with the locals or getting strange looks from the locals.  It's the little accents, more than grand sweeping gestures, that make or break comprehension.  In the case of fashion, these accents serve as a making or breaking of the outfit.  Accessories serve to spruce up that mundane pantsuit that you've done everything but sleep in and add some life to that LBD that you're not quite ready to let go of.  It's these accents that renew one's outlook for an outfit and remind us that sometimes a new dress, blouse, skirt or jacket is not needed; sometimes you just need to understand the language of the outfit to understand where the accent is needed.

The hemlines, sleeve lengths, silhouettes and necklines all conspire to compose a language that we translate as various things like young, old, single, taken, saint and slut.  How to accent it?  Well luckily Bee Charming has some ideas.  The line of bracelets, earrings and necklaces complete outfits with whimsy, color and personality and it's continuing on with that whimsy for Spring 2013.

Vibrant color and mixed materials forming statement jewelry utilizing fabric, beads and unconventional materials are what's in store from Bee Charming for Spring 2013.  There are multi-strand necklaces and bracelets great for layering on top of dresses, under blazers, at the end of 3/4 sleeves and atop trendy clutches.  Crystals, beads, decorative discs, semi-precious stones and fashioned metal come together with color, layer and texture with some donning ethnic references such as the Buddah and the Year of the Dragon.  Others hint at earthen references, wellness mantras and colors reflective of Tibetan, Chinese and Nepalese design themes.  Thin stackable rings also find their way into the Bee Charming collection for Spring adorned with single spheres, hearts and stars and done up in coiled piano wire.  A favorite of mine from the collection is the decorative use of the simple everyday zipper as a texturally cool and visually fun bracelet great for single wear or layering for both sexes.
As always,  Bee Charming's jewelry lives up to its name.  It is charming jewelry as the perfectly attainable accent for whatever language that cocktail dress, skirt or button-down speaks.

Bee Charming

*Special Thanks to RedLightPR

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