In Exposure PR Mens Spring/Summer 2013 Review WESC Womens Spring/Summer 2013 Review

Colorless but Flavorful: WESC Spring/Summer 2013 Preview

I remember reading an Archie comic years ago where the on again off again 'frenemies' Betty and Veronica were trying to get the attention of their shared boy-toy Archie.  They did this by parading around the food court of a mall in trendy outfits every few minutes or so where Archie and his cohort Reggie were hanging out.  The whole strip was reminiscent of a comic-fantasy parade of mini-skirts, pop art color and leggings that was like an informal mid-mall fashion show.  The twisted moral was that the girls decided that the poses, over the clothes, were what would drive the boys gaga while the oblivious boys thought the girls were having fits of delusion, interpretive dance and crippling leg cramps.  Perhaps the girls were onto something though.  It's not about the grandiose appeal of the clothing oftentimes, rather, its the communal appeal of the moves, shakes and lifestyles lived in them that complete the understanding.

Brands like WESC get this.  They cater to a large consensus of individuals, driven by the universal colorless appeal of music and culture, who just happen to also consume clothing and accessories.  The lines are clean, the shapes utterly wearable by most, the colors recognizable, the accessories sustaining and necessary.  For Spring 2013 the appeal of a lifestyle where music feeds the soul and a cross-pollination of cultures leave the appeal of their clothing to lifestyle interplay more attractive than ever.

This coming Spring, WESC continues to offers up easy, accessible fun clothing and accessories for cool men and women.  While the company may be aware of the shapes that fuel trends like Americana, Heritage and Collegiate they are more beholden to the timeless fixatives of skate, surf and music culture blending that create a seemingly themeless dialogue.  Denims are still slim and well-made providing function and ease, knit tops like jackets and hoodies are kept colorful making for versatility in their pairings and wovens are kept feasible to all with 'easy to integrate' dots and stripes for both men and women and playful unfussy dresses for the ladies.  

A new noteworthy addition for Spring is what I call the WESC modern approach to cabana wear with carefree seasonal floral prints being lent to top, bottoms, easy sneakers and even their headphones.  Also continuing on for Spring is their ever-popular headphone collection that showcases the brand's recognition of that unifying agent of music in the cultures, connecting it all.  The conspiracy, appropriately diverse, is out!

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