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Dress, Dance, Drink: NYLON Guys X ASOS Party Recap

Admittedly like most people nowadays, I don't carry around gobs of cash at hand.  I often whip out my card and tend to annoyingly avoid places that only take cash.  However, much like the coolness of the awesome food trucks invading the city and the saving grace of those Chinese food restaurants and pizza shops that thankfully stay open till late when you leave a party piss-pot tipsy, another awesome saving grace that has been the breath of fresh air is seeing a new issue of NYLON Guys on the newsstand.  The magazine sits right on the pulse of what is relevant to the young modern attuned man with street shots, the high-low appeal of fashion, the music & bands that shape our hustles and the books, tech gadgets and new designers that kick life ahead.  Its tone is different from all the magazines that either say the same thing or bore you with the questionable.  This is why I dig down in that pocket and fish out the dough to get my copy whenever it releases.  This is also why I crossed the pond into Brooklyn a few nights ago to the fairly new and low-key hot Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg for a NYLON Guys X ASOS party.

L to R: Jaclynn Jarrett and Editor-in-Chief of NYLON Guys Marvin Scott Jarrett , John Mooney and Jesse Marco on the wheels

L to R: Cory Kennedy and Bryan Boy, Jesse Marco and Nary Manivong, guest fashion

ASOS, the UK-based, style-purveyor who has done recent collaborations with brands such as Puma and lifestyle trend direction that is as covetable as food is to the hungry threw a party to celebrate the mash that is modern life.  Music, fashion and 'doing it easy' in one's own skin were the hot hits for the night as DJ Jesse Marco spun the tunes that made me reminisce and kept the hips moving while the bartenders were hardworking pouring fools with my drinks of choice for the night being Hibiki Whisky shots and ginger-beer infused Reyka vodka cocktails.  It was a chilled event brought together by the brilliant kismet-makers at Peoples Revolution that merged two different manners of fashion aesthetics; print and e-commerce.

L to R: Tommy Mancktelow and Stephanie Taylor, Courtney Coles and Phaon Spurlock and Shelby White and Shawn Pyfrom

L to R: Pablo Olea and Christian Lavery, Kevin Fegans and Sinclair Bolden and Erik Palladino

   L to R: Angus Mcintosh and Sean Ennis, Vodka and Whisky shouts

*All Photos Courtesy of Benjamin Lozovsky/

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