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I Rant, You Read: Committing the Essentials to Memory/How To Tie A Bowtie

Not that you own a suit or a shirt without a t-shirt collar (and if not, FOR SHAME!) or even have a reason to (if not, step up your game!).  Every man should know how to tie a bow tie and I thought I'd share this pretty cool and one of the easiest to follow video of how to do so I've come across so far.  It can be many things (sexy, preppy, learned) to enhance a man's persona  Now keep in mind, this is just showing you how to tie one, not how to find and afford a nice one, how to score the date with your natty appearance or gain access into the Gentleman's Club with said appearance.  However, as with anything, once you learn, the possibilities are endless.

Well, on second thought, I can at least show you where to get my two bowtie picks of the week but as for the Gentleman's Club and the digits belonging to that cutie, you're on your own!  So nail it already!!!!  The tying that is, and perhaps if you're lucky, the date.

The Adler Wool bowtie from Ernest Alexander (l) and Silk knit bowtie (r) available in a plethora of colors from The Tie

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