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Make A List, Check It Twice: Ideeli Cyber Monday and Week Picks

If you're anything like me then you're about ready to burn your holiday gift list.  What do you buy for the eccentric uncle that is as finicky as his overweight tabby?  Where to go to find the perfect gift for your bestie who pretty much knows everywhere you shop?  How to you go about purchasing a present for your dad or mom who hates everything new while you're consistently outbid on eBay for everything old?  Ideeli has a few suggestions, complete with sweet deals on style and ways to save on getting it home for the holidays.

Ideeli, the premier site with amazing designer items at discounted prices, has got you covered for this Cyber Monday and those fast moving weeks before the holidays with eclectic and inviting gifts to savor, share or selfishly keep for yourself.  I consider myself a hard one to shop for mainly due to my specific and rapidly changing tastes.  Ideeli has some items going live this week that I consider to be quite cool accents for the home for folks with an unique flair and for those who can appreciate 'way back when' aesthetics.  

The are my favorite Ideeli releases today for Cyber Monday.  The Gorham cutlery flatware set livens up a mundane table, the ILuv MobiAir Wireless Stereo Speaker can accompany your vocal cords in the shower and Yubz classic talk retro handset merges your old and new techs.  

These items will all be available on the site on November 29th at some pretty sweet prices for vintage techie conversation pieces/waxing sentimental pieces.  Uma Enterprises Inc. offers up a cool gramophone and vintage metal sewing machine for that sleek corner table, Crosley Radio has a cool collegiate turntable and princess phone for that 'after school special' feel and AA Importing has a sweet pair of aluminum airplane bookends.

A couple last notables for the chef or baker in the family like my brother, for example who is an expert griller, Berghoff International offers up a 6 piece barbecue set and a 24 piece knife case swissler which both go live on November 28th.  

You never know what you're going to find for a great deal on Ideeli which is what makes the site so appealing.  It's quality designer goods at prices that will leave a little extra money to grinch something for yourself too.  Head on over to now and not only enjoy plundering but also enjoy 30 days of shipping for only $9.95.

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