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Modern Miami, Minus The Vice: Guess By Marciano Spring/Summer 2013 Review

Being a child of the 80's, I often revel in 80's lore.  While it may seem dated to those born in the 90's or far too obtuse for those who remember what grade they were in when Woodstock happened, the glow in the dark colors and oversized silhouettes are burned in my psyche.  I often remind myself, 'remember much of that, so its not repeated' but am often reminded that since fashion is cyclical, it's all in how you choose to reinvent or repurpose what you remembered.  I can't think 80's without waxing on about Cosby sweaters, Alexis Colby glamour, Madonna funkiness and Eric B & Rakim fat gold rope chains.  Probably one of the biggest geographical fashion links for me was how 80's fashion infused electric neon, tropical cha cha, easy tailoring made laid back and denim facelifts onto memorable characters like Crockett and Tubbs and Dorothy Zbornak and created a verve about the city of Miami. 

This lasting verve was a direct rip from the climate of Miami that together with the creative and attraction of 80's excess created a dialogue of fashion that was at times both colorful and lavish while also casual and experimental.  It's this verve that was so very evident in the influence of the Guess by  Marciano Line for Spring 2013.  

Take the 80's colors, finishes and cheekiness then pare it down with shrunken, more body conscious silhouettes, prints and hardware and what is revealed was the Guess by Marciano Spring 2013 offering.  Tropical graphics, pop art black and whites and neon colorings all found a home in the collection.  For men, their suits, sweaters and dress shirts were done in neon pinks and coastal blues and anchored by more contemporary ready to wear staples like khaki suit separates, nautical striped pieces and pastel & mute color layering basics to balance the brights.  The womenswear had the same attention to coloring but with a bit more costumed hardwear, festive florals and mosaic black & whites thrown in.  There were great day dresses that could easily take you into night and fun accenting accessories that could help in the transitioning. 

What's important to note is that the collection was influenced by the attitude the 80's had on sophisticated clothing without revisiting the shapes that while relatable then, would be less so now.  Save the direct interpretations of linebacker shoulder pads and dolman sleeves for a raiding of the thrift stores.

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