In Incase Mens Spring/Summer 2013 Review Womens Spring/Summer 2013 Review

Organizing Life Just In Case: Incase Spring/Summer 2013 Preview

I often remark to people that I don't remember how I met up with people back in the days before cell phones.  It's only then that I remember beepers and pay phones and then am snapped back to how much we rely on modern communications to run our lives nowadays.  There've been mornings that I actually ran the risk of being late for work all because I forgot my cell phone at home.  With utter annoyance and frustration is how I remember the situation of leaving my i-pod home one morning on a day that I would be riding the rails all over town.  Then I can't imagine what I did before I got my MacBook Air to kill time before an event or in between fashion shows during fashion week.  The music to soundtrack my day, the emails that confirm work, the phone calls that confirm meet ups and the devices that cause me to use my in-between times constructively have become very imperative things that shape my modern life.  And now I've since added the gym to that mix this year.  In my attempts to stay organized and on top of it I'm always interested in the cool ways offered to organize my modern life.  

Incase is one of those ways.  I can insert Incase bags and accessories into every area of my modern life.  The functional and streamlined cases, bags, packs and holders for everything from cellphones to laptops to records to wardrobe offer clean ways to get one's life from point A to point B intact.  For Spring 2013, the brand is continuing in tapping into the armors that protect our life-shapers.  They've tapped into the naturalness of the heritage movement in fashion and offered up cool items fashioned in canvas and leather in simple earthy colors for part of the collection and clean primary colors  with whimsy and clean shapes and lines for other parts of the collection.  Still offered are their über-functional messengers and backpacks in durable nylons and updated for Spring is a greater emergence of bags that blend lifestyle with function for versatile everyday usages.  

Spring 2013 also sees a continuing of Incase as Marc Jacobs' choice for his fun and cheeky Apple cases and holders.  They've got something for everyone from the blogger to the DJ to the cameraman to college student not to mention more great minimally cool headphones and earbuds to ensure being equipped for that added theme music to one's daily hustle.  

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