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Tailoring The Skin: Melvita Shower Skin Care

Would you wear a couture gown with a plunging back, bejeweled mandarin collar and bias cut train  and display it on top of an ashen and dry body?  Subsequently, would your drive up to greet your new lover in front of their chateau, confidently step out out you mini roadster, remove your driving glove and shake the valet's hand with your dry and paper-like one?  Too fancy for you?  Well, consider this!  Why work so hard on the packaging but forget the quality of the product?  Your skin is the original and your best fabric and as austere as any French gown or chateau with valets, the French have once again proved that they take their couture as seriously as their skin with the beauty and skincare line Melvita.

New to the scene?  Not so much.  Created in 1983 by French biologist and beekeeper Bernard Chevilliat, Melvita has sought to prefect the ritual of caring for the skin as earnestly as any couturier approaches the perfect bias cut.  The company sources local organically farmed ingredients, abides to cruelty-free formulations and goes greener with recyclable packaging.  The result is an eco-conscious line that is as mindful of the environment as it is good for the skin.  

The newest products aim to turn your showering experience into a silkened pleasure trip for your skin.  Harvesting local fruits of Raspberry, Blueberry & Red Currants and Apple, Quince & Hazelnut from the Ardèche region of France, the new line focuses on three categories: body wash, shower scrub and body milk.  While the Raspberry and Blueberry & Red Currants varieties focus on calming and purifying the skin with antioxidant and anti-aging benefits the Apple, Quince & Hazelnut blends purify the skin by gently exfoliating to leave it smooth and soft.  Also new to the Melvita family is their Honey Lips Gloss which boasts three benefits like luscious stevia, protective jojoba and beeswax for softening and their 3 Honey Nectar Balm which is a great concentrated balm to repair damaged, dry and distressed skin.  

Melvita has got your skin covered, literally.  Please visit Melvita's website for all their great signature products as well like their more than 24 different plant-based beauty oils for all of your skin's many needs and their many different floral waters with all of the natural benefits found in the original plant forms that soothe, rehydrate and refresh the skin.  Your skin deserves the informed luxury and benefits of French-produced skincare whether you're donning a French-made gown, French-cut suit or just dreaming of one.

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