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The World on Wheels: Brooks England Spring/Summer 2013 Spotlight

There's a song that says you can't take it with you.  Be that as it may, I feel that while you can still take it, make sure you take it in style.  Especially if that style is in respect to Old World cut and craft while satisfying modern function and aesthetics.  Recognizing that style isn't everything if it doesn't satisfy the needs of the one who uses it is the reason that heritage embellishments and traditional methods for construction are on the rise in menswear again.  Men want something they can confide more than their functional sensibilities in; they want something they can confide their dollars in for peace of mind.

Couple that thinking with the green eco-conscious lifestyle that is growing from city to city across America and in enters Brooks England, an almost 150 year old British saddle, bag, etc. company that is appropriately making their cultivated aesthetic tailor-made for a new generation of conscious cyclists.  The company produces quality saddles (bike seats in layman's term) in the finest of durable leathers that  are ergonomically designed, expertly crafted to shape to the users body and have instant comfort from first ride at sun-up to all the way back home.  Their saddles are constructed for the various terrains and take into consideration degrees of shock from the city streets to country roads and multi-surface terrains. 

For Spring 2013 Brooks England continues to hone in on that voice of the modern cyclist with their patented line of exquisite saddles, bags and packs to lug one's day around.  However, they've since gone onto consider many of the various needs of cyclists today like with wider colorful additions of their trouser snaps.  Colorful snap cuffs for trouser ankles reminiscent of those 80's bracelet snaps that seemingly curved around appendages like snakes help prevent trousers from getting caught in bike chains.  Also new this Spring season will be more colors of their leather handlebar tape to perfectly complement a rider's saddle, an update to their mudguard flap and a polished wheel kit for quick roadside wheel tune ups.  The union of Brooks and John Boultbee, which produces distinguished cycle clothing for the cycling enthusiast, also continues for Spring with impressive all weather riding capes and their classic riding jackets.

The changes for Spring are subtle and are mostly fabric and surface updates since the products sold by Brooks England are of classic stellar quality to begin with.  There's no need to reinvent the wheel (no pun intended) when the company has invested so many years into making sure that you're ride atop the wheels are just right.  However, with almost a century and half under its belt, Brooks England understands that it's important to adjust accordingly to the flow and always maintain a smooth ride.

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