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A Matter of Extremes: Ugg® Australia Mens Holiday 2012 Preview

I abhor extremes.  In the summer I am calculating the quickest mad dash for the next air conditioned whatever.  Sweat in the summer is not sexy and is a constant annoyance.  In the winter I am forever dressing in layers and padding myself like I'm off to find Santa's workshop.  There's nothing sexy or cool but it is crazy when the plummeting temperatures make the dew on the ground a sure slip hazard.

As if you didn't already know, surface trap moisture and air.  Think of a towel trapping bath water off of your skin.  Get it?  Now think of sheepskin!  The warm air gets trapped in the curly hairs of the skin and make it so that your body stays warm.  Science lesson over.  This is exactly why labels like Ugg® Australia are so appealing.  Cushiony warmth that is seemingly looking to outfit your life in quality sheepskinned accessories that move far past just an offering of the boots many chicks wear year round.  (Yeah, even in the summer...I still don't get that).

Ugg® Australia is seeking to dispel the myth that you can't be fully protected against the cold and still stay stylish.  Their mens items available this season were oh so covetable and incredibly appropriate for the lifestyle of the modern man in every region where the temp goes icy for the winter from the East to West coasts and Northern to Southern hemispheres.  Comfy boots, slippers and well-made accessories all either lined in the great quality sheepskin or made from quality tanned skins are what's in store for men this season.  Some favorites I have my eye on for this season are the fingerless gloves, chukka boots and those slippers (a must for those with cold hardwood floors).  Strong well-made warm accessories that men don't have to treat like egg shells.  I'm starting to welcome the winter extremes.

*New Yorkers check out the new pretty freakin' fabulous Ugg® Austrailia store that's just opened up in the Meat Packing District at 405 West 14th Street.

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