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Hot Brands, Served Cool: The Cools Cyber Monday Jamboree 2012

What's the recipe for cool?  Well in music it's aural.  In perfumery its olfactory.  In fashion it's both visual and tactile while in say cooking, it's can be olfactory but also flavorful.  Overall the recipe involves a general consensus that your senses are going to be overloaded with things that aren't just pleasing but I think pleasing with an edge.  It's almost as though if something is truly cool it has a cache that only a certain segment of the populace will give it the collective nod.  The often unpublished, cleverly downplayed but communally understood by the select masses is what gives cult status and achieves a cult following.  That to me is what cool is, a sweet modesty that appeals to the senses creating a sensation of cult proportions.

L to R: New American accessories from Eli Reed, Unruly Heir 

  Downtown clothing with a laidback aesthetic from Unruly Heir, the brand's 'Night Moves' hoodie

Playful novelty knitwear from Degen

Enter The Cools, the attractive social marketplace website that aims to showcase what should be next, what's closet-worthy as dictated by those who have an eye for recognizing the next; the people.  The Cools is a launchpad for cult status all propelled to infamy by it's subscribers' personal styles.  This past Cyber Monday Jamboree the site hosted a preview at the ever-momentum gaining Dream Downtown Hotel to showcase some new and noteworthy brands that need to be recognized for their uniqueness and, well quite frankly, their cool.

L to R: Shades for your razor sharp dark side from Coco & Breezy

L to R: Quite possible the prefect business and weekend traveler from Lexdray

On hand were selected items from various designers all showcased on  A main key to what The Cools proposes is the idea of a visual closet representative of what you own, want to own and think people should own.  With this in mind, there were a diverse selection on brands offering things like clothing, luggage, jewelry and fragrances to be experienced, considered and promoted by the attendees. 

L to R: Easy no-fuss handmade sunglasses from Red's Outfitters 

L to R: Red's Outfitters sunglasses, cheeky cool insect pin from Martine Ali and yarmulkas for the funky Jewish guy from Mister Mort 

 Mixed elements on remixed tailored clothing from Street Level Culture

Also, in sticking with the recipe for cool, there was obviously a smooth sensory overload complete with  performance to get you aurally approving from Reaekwon of Wu-Tang Clan.  The event was definitely kind of like the cool deciding on and experiencing the cool.  The vibe was very cool (what event with a whiskey bar with ginger beer cocktails isn't?) it was a great dynamic to see how the jamboree created an environment that manifested cool.  For much like that recipe for cool, it how you balance the appeal to the senses that satisfies the mind, body and soul.

Eclectic and extremely unique fragrances from Min New York

L to R: Min New York fragrance, Novelty knit graphic accessories from HBC, Pop jewelry from Dee & Ricky 

 L to R: Graphic hoodie from Milkcrate Athletics and chunky novelty knit cardigan from Raval & Knight  

 L to R: Knit hat from Raval & Knight and Raekwon, the Chef, moving the crowd

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