In Brooklyn Nets I Rant You Read Yankees

I Rant, You Read: Bronx Bombers Vs. The Brooklyn Nets

So it's no big news that I am a Bronx boy born & raised.  Proud of it too!  However, a new pride has arisen over the past decade that I must say although I get it, it's still a tinge angst-making.  The Brooklyn Pride movement.  The angst floods in, not so much that I am not a Brooklynite but more so since I feel like there is a new member that wants inclusion into the clubhouse that is New York City.  The Brooklyn Nets.  To add fuel to the fire, they're heralded by the Prince of the New York hip-hop scene come savvy entrepreneur Jay-Z, who is kinda like King Midas when it comes to igniting the fire of pride in New Yorkers who allow music to bridge gaps and create hip-hop mixes at parties where one would expect to hear show-tunes and 80's rock.

I bring this up since what I've noticed is more people donning Brooklyn Nets caps when this is just the team's first season.  No proven record or history of championships although the recipe for blue ribbons seems to have been set in place by the new flight of a wandering people in search of affordable rents and an unpretentious social environment to live the NY dream fueled by entrepreneurial and creative NY'ers of which Jay-Z was one.  Angst-making mainly due to the feelings the pride created.  As a New Yorker, I want to experience it, however as a non-Brooklynite I feel the cap represents a pride of a borough that I really don't feel since I don't live in it.  Also, let's face it, some Brooklynites are as stalwart and militant about their support of the borough as Eleanor Caruthers is adamant about the preservation of her Upper Eastside co-op.  I almost feel like I'd be cheating on the Bronx and my world famous Bombers.

So I thought about it some more and I'll chalk it up to this.  I am toying with buying and wearing a Brooklyn Nets cap more so for New York rather than the borough.  After all, me in New York is as classically diverse as any American in America.  I was born, raised and first started working in the Bronx, went to high school on the Upper Eastside, college in Chelsea, get my haircut in Harlem, hangout and shop in the Soho, LES & the Villages, work a lot in Midtown, dance till dawn in Washington Heights and Inwood, dated and partied in Williamsburg, Bed-Stuy & Fort Greene and made livings in Queens and Staten Island.  Let's just hope the Nets have a decent season.  After all, win or lose, the Yankees still have an unparalleled history, so I'll always wear their cap.  However, for the Nets, namesake of Brooklyn or not, you're still New Yorkers and as little as I wear caps, I'd rather wear winners.

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