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Just Right Jewels: Amy-O Jewelry

We've all seen her.  That girl at the party who just doesn't get it quite right.  Maybe the dress is a bit too snug around her chest.  Perhaps the hairdo is all wrong for the neckline of her wrong-colored frock.  It may even be the case that the dress looked like a million bucks on the rack and ten million bucks on the accompanying ad of said dress on a 16 year old model, but on her it looked like she was a bloated cougar.  I think most of the time the case is that many women play it safe so their dress doesn't really sing; it just produces a "so what?" kind of response.  What's the problem then?  Usually it's what labels like Amy-O Jewelry addresses as their main aesthetic.  

Amy-O Jewelry, which stands for 'Accessories Make Your Outfit', believes in it's acronym.  The jewelry that the line offers wants women to believe in that too.  How often is the case where women can't find a new dress that fits like their freak-um dress or afford a new dress like in the magazines?  Many times they just need to find key pieces of jewelry that they can use to balance and accentuate their outfits until that favorite dress, blouse, blazer or neckline has run its course.  This is where Amy-O steps in.  The company offers a wide array of statement jewelry pieces, oftentimes in a few color and metal-ways within a style, that give a woman's outfit that eclectic update it may desperately need to cause more 'oohs' than 'ughs'.

Mixed metals, strongs shapes, conversations pieces, edgy pieces, streamlined embellishment and bejeweled semi-precious and mixed material surfaces are what makes Amy-O a cool company for your dressing and holiday party conundrums.  The company offers something for the tastes of all kinds of women; those who want to keep a strong low profile and those that wish to keep all eyes staring at them all night long.  For if clothes make the man and a great dress is hard to find, then truly A.M.Y.O.! 

 Amy-O Designer Gina

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