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Arms Free Devices: European Mens Fall 2013 Collections Trend Review

So it's presently an average of fifteen degrees in New York City.  For those of you who never have the pleasure of indulging in below freezing temperatures, any exposed skin is a sitting duck for potential frost bite. Weather like this takes me back to being chilly as a kid in say air conditioned weather.  I would always tuck my knees up into my t-shirt, then pull up and tuck my knees and hug them close to my chest to use my body cavity's warmth to heat up my extremities.  Inadvertently, I turned my shirt into a poncho.

Fast-forward 30+ years!  The spirit of my simple attempt at keeping my little arms and legs warm in a very simple form inspired designers for the recent European Mens Fall 2013 Collections.  There were some great ponchos and capes that sauntered down the runways of Varvatos, Margiela and Ferragamo making arm-free fashion plausible options for men come Fall 2013.  What you do with those free arms is up to you! 

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