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Comfort of a Different Cut: Façonnable Mens Pre-Fall 2013 Collection

Traveling over the holidays was quite an ordeal.  Somehow I managed to finagle the misfortune of acquiring two connecting flights to go from Philadelphia to Atlanta.  So after traveling by Amtrak to Philly International, what is normally a two hour flight became an 8 hour ordeal from NY to Philly, Philly to Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh to Charlotte then finally Charlotte to Atlanta all in the name of saving a chunk of moolah.  Somehow I don't regret saving the money and had all the modern conveniences to bide my time but of course, being the fashion imbiber that I am, I was bedecked in corduroys, Vibram-soled boots and a chic heavy puffer coat.  Not the most comfortable wardrobe for traveling, which gets me to thinking.  There's something kind of admirable to clothing that allows you to travel in style and remain comfortable.  It's kind of like a bridged gap between the personal comfort level attained through wearing bespoke clothing and a similar one attained, on a lower scale, from wearing leisure wear.  I believe that since many of us are too vain and too sartorially-attuned to wear sweatpants all-day & every-day, collections that speak to our sense of comfort, need to commute and style maturities are quite an advantageous key to smart modern dressing.

For this reason, I connected with the tasteful sophistication of the Mens Pre-Fall 2013 Façonnable collection. What better way to showcase this modern comfortable clothing company peppered in style with a collection that was inspired by an early form of jet setting.  Pulling from the sophistication of early Transatlantic ocean liner voyages and the styling from the 1998 film "The Legend of 1900", Pre-Fall Façonnable 2013 menswear delves into vamped up workwear, polished clean outerwear and easy yet distinguished casual clothing with great fit and quaint detail to appeal to one's sense of style and desire to include into heavy wardrobe rotation.

Façonnable has taken easy shapes such as semi-fitted blazers, workwear jackets and shrunken bombers and treated them with technical details like zips on the blazers, utility twill on the workwear jackets and knitwear fabrics on the bombers.  These are paired over great button-downs with collar, placket and cuff details and trim washed linen trousers that are tapered to perfection.  This French company has a knack for fit and makes clothing that are cut a bit closer to the body seem less like dressing up and more like dressing down smartly with nods to dressing up, evident on their smart and quite attractive pieces like their cardigan jackets.  All is appreciated though.  It's quite plausible to see Façonnable's trim pinstriped blazer with its striped multicolor under collar over everything from a simple gauzy tee to a button down and Windsor knot.  Their Pre-Fall outerwear, like their new sublime featherweight suede car-coat style and spare cut nautical jackets are trim enough to just don a tee underneath while still being full enough to don a blazer as well.

Something to think about as now the lines of menswear are still strong but the fit is more attuned to the body's form.  Definitely something to consider when dressing for several occasions to attend in a week, packing for a multi-faceted weekend or wanting to looking unassumingly dashing while waiting on that connecting flight, transatlantic or not.

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