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Three Sixty Degree Vision: Panda Eyewear

You've probably read my rants before about how I abhor being hot in the summer.  The sweat running down my face can get worse than that on a Coke at a backyard barbecue if I'm not properly hydrated.  What's a stylish man to do?  Long sleeves, hats and even sunglasses can be like mini ovens intent on heating my body temp up to frustrating proportions.  So I am always seeking ways in which to keep cool during the vernal equinox.

Companies like Panda are like music to my ears (not to mention the bridge of my nose).  Panda is a luxury eyewear company that ethically makes sunglasses made of sustainable bamboo.  The results are ultra lightweight sunglasses with a cool texture due to the bamboo that have an almost undetectable weightless presence on the face.  These sunglasses are so lightweight that they even float on water.  Now I did mention luxury, but don't let that steer you.  Their price point is competitive at around $120 but their mission for good will is what truly catapults the brand into a modern intrinsic luxury.  

A purchase of Panda eyewear makes you an instant socialite or humanitarian, if you will.  For every pair of sunglasses Panda sells, the company provides a free eye exam and pair of eyeglasses to the TOMA Foundation.  The Tribal Outreach Medical Assistance Foundation's (TOMA) mission, in response to the deadly malaria epidemic of 1997, is to provide assistance and aid to South American countries and tribes like the Yanomami of Venezuela to prevent future epidemics.  

Panda currently offers five styles: the Monroe, the Kennedy, the Robinson, the Nelson and the Martin.  Fashioned in classic American eyewear silhouettes and packaged in a cool tubular bamboo case, these handcrafted sustainable shades are cool and easy no-brainers whose reach goes far beyond satisfying your need to keep the sun out of your eyes.  Head on over to now and make a lightweight purchase with heavy-weighted outcomes.

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