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Woman Thou Art Loosed: Façonnable Women's Pre-Fall 2013 Collection

We've all seen the image of that woman in the morning on the train with her skirt suit and white running sneakers.  I think that image first popped up in the eighties with Reeboks.  Well as stylishly horrific as it was, it represented a need for women to remain comfortable while pounding the pavement en route to their 9 to 5.  I also seem to remember certain Catholic school girls that used to attend a high school near mine who would stuff their mini pleated skirts into sweat pants before and after classes especially considering the winds chills that whipped around the city making their legs go all atrophied.  Then let's ponder for a second those women from days of old in their petticoats and underlayers and then heavy top layers and hats, etc.  No wonder there were such things as fainting chairs.

Oh the things women have gone through and go through for comfort and fashion!  It's been a mission to A) merge the two and still have women not look like they're about to do housework and B) also leave money in their "IT" bags and monogrammed designer wallets.  For this reason alone, I'm glad for the Pre-Fall 2013 Women's Collection from French label Façonnable.  Not only does the collection insist on comfortable chic clothing for women, they also have that covetable high low factor that makes a wardrobe go on and on and on in dressy and casual settings.

Inspiration for this collection was taken from the 1998 film "The Legend of 1900" and the laid back easy-fitting air of Transatlantic ocean liners voyages at the turn of the 20th century.  However, think less of the poop deck and more of first class.  Especially when considering the elegance of brushed wools in the form of slouchy jackets that can be worn casually with slick drawstring slouchy tapered striped  pants or the decadence of a buttery soft suede shirtdress than works for day with cozy flats or for evening with simple strong pumps.  Or create another day to evening look by slipping that jacket over the shirtdress.  

That's the appeal of this collection.  Mix and match!  There is no need to match a bag here or have matching leather accessories there.  There's an ease to the collection found in the interchangeability of  the cozy knits with streamlined active and collegiate details, the boyish lightweight corduroy jackets and the soft drape of the pajama style striped blouses.  The outerwear consisting of crisp trenches and anoraks balanced off the fluidity of the collection quite nicely and made for an interesting tactile romp.  Façonnable showed a collection of clothing for a smart woman to don.  A smart woman who does not subscribe to imposed feminine cliches but rather recognizes the attitude of menswear in styles that are cut for a confident woman. 

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