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Charmed, I'm Sure: Charmed Circle Jewelry

I love a bit of mild cheekiness when it comes to the art of showing off my jewelry.  Not that I wear a lot of it, but when I do I like to create a bit of depth, chunkiness and layers that somewhat standout but remain diminutive at the same time.  The standout comes from how it's displayed while the diminutive stems from the simplicity of the pieces.  However, every once in a while I like to shake it up a bit and tone down on the number of pieces but turn up the cheekiness of the piece.  Thus, why I dug Charmed Circle.

Charmed Circle is a line of women's jewelry created by its driven and inspired designer Gina Cartwright who takes inspiration from the modern aesthetic of the 30's coupled with the elegance of the 50's.  However, with some of the pieces, I just see fun whimsical items that even I as a man would wear.  I had the pleasure of discovering the Fall and Spring collection at the recent ENK/Intermezzo Show in New York.  

Tiny functional metal envelopes made possibly for hiding discreet love notes, clever charms that display phrases like Victorian thaumatropes and cool chunky leather chain link necklaces all have an underlying romance to them.  That romance is more of an interactive intimacy that is as coolly tactile as it is visually clever.  Check out the pics and head on over to to see more of what the brand has to offer.  (Keep in mind that Valentine's Day is one week away!!)

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