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Menswear, 'The Final Frontier': Joseph Abboud Fall/Winter 2013 Collection

So according to the general consensus of time capsules, sci-fi lore and exhibits from Epcot of yesterday, we should all be walking around in space suits right now.  Add to the scenario that it was felt then that we should be beaming things up like Scottie by now.  It's no surprise that when thinking of what things would be like in the future, there's always a great propensity to turn to outer space.  The onslaught of sci-fi references, the Cold War race and mid-century 'War of The Worlds' propaganda indefinitely put robots, space travel & living,  laser beams and UFO's in our psyches.  With almost anything, once imprinted on the American populace's psyche, we run with it!  Then it becomes TV shows, movies, comic books, gossip, conspiracy theories, farmhands gazing into the sky with binoculars in some midwestern state and, of course, fashion.

Fashion has evolved further than the fantasy concoctions imagined in the 50's and 60's in distinct ways. The greatest innovations have been through fabric and production and the key things that designers have pulled from those decades seem to have been the silhouettes and the shine.  Yes the shine!  This shine refers to the sleek technical surfaces mirroring metal and electronics which when translated for today's men becomes streamlined functional fabrics that focus on remaining clean and versatile for a diversified life.  This shine was Joseph Abboud Fall/Winter 2013.

For next fall, creative director Bernardo Rojo took the futuristic zeitgeist that made the 60's space boom  exciting and fresh and turned them into insightful, quite attractive and utterly covetable menswear.  Shown were polished outerwear tailored to a cosmopolitan man with refined sensibilities.  The clothing was reassuringly familiar which makes the male consumer feel at ease but the detail and execution was fresh and appealing and took nothing away from the comfort factor.

The outerwear had a technical feel pared down for the city dweller with trim long parkas, nubbly moto shearlings, papery buttery leather unlined pea coats and soft nylon car coats with tech details.  The textures on pieces like porous elastic cuffed trousers and the otherworldly ribbing on crew neck and turtleneck sweaters looked fresh when paired with slick pony hair outerwear, trim anoraks with modest functional detail and jean-style jackets and cardigans made of more of that great papery leather.  Showcased as the feature shoe was a sweet toned down lunar boot made ultra modern by horizontal quilting and lacing.

What was nice about the whole collection was it had something that could appeal to a cross section of men while still holding on to a luxurious approachable and intelligent aesthetic.  The pristine yet understated feel of the line looked great for both dressing up and dressing down which is how a multifaceted modern man approaches his wardrobe.  I have a feeling everyone from the uptown-downtown gent to trekkies would approve.

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