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The Scarf Trifecta: Yarnz

It's practically ingrained in our heads from the time we're in preschool that cold weather means full body coverage.  Hat, scarf, gloves, thermals, hoods and boots were normal expectants when the temperature would hit all time lows.  However, infuse age into the equation.  As one gets older, they figure out the ins and out of their body temps and realize that one person's call for a parka might be another person's call for a simple vest.  As you figure out your body's hiccups you get used to what needs insulation how, where and when.  It's here that I figured out that sometimes only key points need the coverage.  The head, the hands, the torso, maybe the legs and the definitely neck.  This is where style is infused into the equation.  Accessories not only serve to complete what lack of outerwear takes away but they also provide a stylish way in which to complete the effect.  

I often feel lost without my scarf and hat (especially since I have a long neck and always rock a Caesar).  Further, I often feel like ditching the coat and not being chilly while also not looking like a non-forecast checking putz.  So now enter Yarnz into the equation.  They really understand the pivotal role the scarf has taken on in the minds and closets of those who wish to remain equally warm and stylish and not beholden to a coat.  How so?  They work in beautiful cashmeres that make the pashmina look like tissue paper.  Then they are brought to life through colorful and insightfully inspired prints and and motifs that, in my opinion, in one fell swoop are conversation pieces and 86 the need for over-accessorizing.  

Founded in 2000, Yarnz approaches their accessories with a certain modernity to how people dress nowadays.  What struck me as notable about the brand at the Project tradeshow in NYC in January was that they stood out from other scarf companies in their usage of über-attractive prints coupled with the decadence of the soft feathery cashmere to create an overall trifecta of comfort, function and style.  Their designs subscribe to the notion that scarves are not just for function; they can also serve as that key piece as important as a statement necklace or staple piece and as functional as that expected winter coat.   

*Pictured are some of the offerings from Yarnz for Fall Winter 2013.

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