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"Worn" Well: ODD Fall/Winter 2013 Collection Review

There are some things in life that you hang onto just for the look of them.  Then occasionally you reconnect with their visual stronghold and reminisce of their influence or inspiration in your life.  This   particularly reigns true if that something is becoming obsolete then our desire to hold onto, capture, cherish and preserve the strength of this item becomes that much more heightened.  When thinking about this tech and digital age, it's not hard to see how ODD's Fall/Winter 2013 Collection chose to take their dark progressive aesthetic and be inspired by something as organic a old books, their weathered pages in particular.  However, this pairing of the natural and simple with the asymmetric and avant may be the best way to 'get' the Fall collection.

"Getting" the collection is what I did, and I loved it actually.  I have long been an advocate of stripping away the topical bells and whistles in order to see and retain the structure of a garment.  It adds to the appreciation of the construction.  ODD's designers Judson Harmon and Jordan Klein cleverly infused the familiar phenomenon of weathered pages into the collection's fabrics subtly lending the clothing to a vintage aesthetic.  Then they laced the collection with progressive shapes, some irreverent and some otherworldly that were both a bit goth and a bit organic for an overall modern and forward scenario.

The black and off-white color-blocking, the rippling drapes and the languid lean and elongated shapes conspired together to do a dance of mystery, intrigue and intellect.  The tea-dyed looking colors and textures were reminiscent of those you find in grandma's old trunk in the attic.  Meanwhile, the silhouettes were not quite like anything in grandma's trunk.  These fashioned poplins, terries, jerseys and leathers together with the show presentation with organic sand, light and electro-cello told a story of maybe being inspired to do think outside the trunk.

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