In Guess Mens Spring/Summer 2013 Review

A 'Go-To' To Head To For Summer: GUESS Mens Summer 2013 Preview

In a world that's barreling deeper and deeper into specialty pieces, mix-n-matching things once considered faux paus and changing styles as fast as one changes their mind it can be hard to keep up.  With that in mind, springtime is once again upon us.  This is where the manic color, exposed skin, lively prints and shorter lengths usher back in in full force.  Shopping wisely produces a wardrobe that makes available pieces that you can carry from spring to spring.  However, every spring there are those pieces that need updating, pieces that you want to see redone and updated and pieces that embody your new enlightenment with the seasons fresh colors.  You become inspired and you put your list of 'go-to' outlets like websites, stores and catalogs together.  
One of my go-to outlets is Guess.  They have always offered the modern take on the season's fresh, prints, color and shapes with a subtle Italian air to them.  Not to mention that the fit is good for a dude who exercises a bit and wants a bit more of a hunky fit.  Whenever I needed a clean but interesting t-shirt fix or was shopping for that certain client who needed a modern youthful fix,  I would pop into the Guess store.  
For Summer 2013, Guess Men's is continuing to offer their staples of great denim and trendy refreshing sportswear.  There are some great over-dyed pieces like trim cargo shorts, denim and button downs in a variety of colors from foggy grey to sunlight yellow to dusky orange.  One of the most important movements in menswear as of late has been the attention to fit.  Proportions have made a major statement with shrunken and abbreviated pieces that are cut closer to the body and reek 'active cut'; and Guess has it all.  Trim jeans with a great skinny taper, slim short sleeves that can be cuffed to hug the upper lats and jackets that skim the upper torso and rest around the high hip.
What is always interesting to note about Guess Menswear is its appeal to a good cross section of young men.  From the fist-pumpers to the urban cosmopolitans, the styles the brand offers tries to walk the line between downtown trendiness and Americana cool. 

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