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Chasing The Greys Away: ASOS Menswear Spring Preview Part 1

Rummaging through the racks at your local department store used to be a leap into boredom.  Dr. Seuss could have almost written a nursery rhyme to the monotony of banker's greys, funeral blacks and ivy league navies.  Grey suit, black suit, blue suit, brown suit!  Thank goodness menswear became  more liberated.  It took changes to the shape of suits and the proportions of tailoring and a general reevaluating the rules set in place in a different time and era by men who wore suits to stroll to the store to get a pop.  Not that those rules are insignificant now, but each generation builds upon the rules and adds their own spins and updates to complete the relevancy of what they're wearing with their modern needs and self-expressions.

One of the most prolific recent progressions in menswear has been applying tailoring to unconventional fabrics, most importantly patterns.  It's a little cosmopolitan, a tad ivy league, a bit cabana club, a skosh free spirit and a touch whimsical; and it's being presented this spring from ASOS Menswear.

Part of ASOS Menswear's patterned spring line-up of suitings are riding the wave of shorts worn with their matching tailored jacket.  While the pairing is not for every man, the idea is pushing forward a freeing way to approach summer tailored clothing while softly implementing the formality of tailoring into the basics of sportswear separates.  A few of their fun accessories and an open mind is all that's needed to complete the look.  Open mind not included.  

Head on over to now for more whimsical and logical menswear to mix & match for day, evening and everything in between.

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