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Don't Factor The Fun Away: Custo Barcelona Fall/Winter 2013 Collection Review

Look in any young fashionable person's closet nowadays and you may find a distinct different than say that of a older more seasoned fashionable person's closet.  The difference is the fun.  There's more fun in fashion and styling nowadays.  Why?  Well casual observers may liken it to the fact that with the recent fuel charged liberation of menswear, the average American's potential to become a celebrity overnight and all the excitement surrounding that potentiality.  So there's a good deal more fashion today that walks the lines of good and bad taste (all in good taste, I assume), more pieces designed to be seen and more houses seeking ways to extend shelf lives and remain strong and relevant in between deliveries and fashion weeks.  It all speaks to not just having your wardrobed staple basics anymore.  It now moves on to securing some specialty items that evoke fantasy, color and above all fun.
Fun is not for every part of one's wardrobe.  Some people set that kind of fun aside for only their accessories.  Those parts are oftentimes the most easiest to interchange, update and swap out.  However, it takes a cool free spirit to inject some fun into their wardrobe and accessories in a manic kind of way.  It's this kind of expression that inspires ideas and repulses some but inevitably creates a dialogue of whimsy, movement and excitement with our psyches.  This is one of the reasons why Custo Barcelona seems on point more so than before.

'Fashion on a welcomed sensory overload' is how I can describe a Custo Barcelona collection.  For Fall 2013, he once again appealed to the senses with a bit more wearable restraint this time around.  However, none of the fun was sacrificed; it was only broadened to appeal to those lovers of tailoring and those seekers of plausible specialty pieces.  
The strongest message was tailoring, the Custo way.  There were classic plaids, tweeds and flannels infused with thick yarn embroideries, nordic knit trims and gold metal links on both mens and womenswear.  Mens suits were sewn with different colorways of the same kinds of plaids then finished of with quilted velvet shoulder paddings topstitched right on top of the suits in a kind of gentleman gone mad way.  However, the effect was cool and cheeky with a bit of counterculture punkiness to it.  

There was a sophisticated specialty item message to the womenswear.  Color-blocked mini fur jackets over beaded and sequined mini dresses gone awry, texturally diverse mini dresses and coats that were like recapped mixes of culture and class all conspired to produce visually and tactilely stimulating pieces to own.  Women's trousers and suits ripped pages from menswear in regards to tailoring and fit but infused elements like tapestry patterns, quilts and feathery textile effects that were distinctly the sensory fun Custo Barcelona offers.  As always there was a little something for everyone in this Custo collection but this time around it was more rooted in the new modern basics that more and more men and women are adopting to knowledge like the strengths of tailoring and the expressionism of standing out.
Custo Dalmau showed a collection that I found to be very playful and wearable.  It showed that the aesthetics of the Custo Barcelona brand could be infused into any fashion segment nicely without losing any of the pop and punch.   

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