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Dress The Body, Feed The Mind: Suzanne Rae Fall/Winter 2013 Collection

What's the antidote to bosomy tops, bare mid-riffs and mini dresses that roll-up over your bum when you sit?  Obviously, it's intelligent clothing.  Dresses that infuses more clever cut than cut-outs.  Blouses that skim away from the body rather than cling to your side like a wetsuit.  Pants that allow ease of movement versus glorified panty hose with a zipper and maybe an unusable set of pockets.  Not to say that there's anything wrong with or unintelligent about body conscious clothing but sometimes it doesn't have to be tight to make a feminine impact.  Relying on fabrics analogous to the softness of the female form and strength of the female aura is sometimes the dash of spice needed to be smart, sexy and confident.

Suzanne Rae knows this.  Her Fall/Winter 2013 Collection was full of looser cut introspective clothing with what I call 'look twice' details.  You must look twice since upon first glance you may skip over the subtleties of cut, cloth and the occasional flourish or two.  Rae pares down tailored and sportswear staples and gives them an effortless minimal execution.  The intelligence saunters in with clever little tucks and drapes and visual plays on finishings.
Rae likes the toned down play of sportswear with tailored clothing.  She showed outfits with sweatshirts in grey flannel paired with floor length full cut skirts and an overcoat, pants and tunic all cut in the same fabric for interesting remixes on sweatsuits and suitings.  She then went on to incorporate loose sleeveless jackets over sheath dresses both long and short.  Her color-blocked long dresses were of particular note for their easy languid drapes in wonderful fabrics like jersey and cupro.  She also showed abstract prints on blouses paired with cropped trousers and full length skirts that had the cool look of a day ensemble with the ease of pajamas.  This season also saw a collaboration with local knitwear designer Lindsay Degan to debut a full-fashioned, zero-waste knitwear collection consisting of clean textural knit accessories.

Confident clothing doesn't always have to be revealing.  Sometimes it's all about what the woman cares to reveal.  Often it's a revealing of her intelligence, strength and connection to the planet.  After all, since we already know that she is a woman, certain curves and bumps are obviously going to come with the territory.

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