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The Beautiful Case of Love And Inspiration: Aisha X Artini by Dany Tabet Fall/Winter 2013 Collection at Nolcha Fashion Week

You can tell when a designer is truly inspired.  Even more than the source of inspiration, in some cases you can really get a sense of the intensity of their love of what they were inspired by.  Small details encircled around a renowned artist's print, a piece of architecture or a region of the world can be very telling of course.  However, I often look at the labor, the size of the design house together with the artistic movement to get a sense of the inspiration of a collection.  Sometimes it's wrapped up in a house's history, the history of the design house's native land or the legacy of the house's namesake.  When the house is smaller and there is no long history of its influence fostered by a heralded designer, there's often inspiration from a personal angst or experience the designer is or has gone through.  It's almost as if the lesser that is pulled from an established history is the more that has to be pulled from the current to create a story.

Clearly Dany Tabet, designer for Aisha X Artini, was inspired by love.  There was a love of the female form and its curves and a love of evening that celebrates the female form by regally adorning it in the finer fabrics that womenswear offers.  However, perhaps the greatest love inspiration for Tabet was from realizing that to stand behind, root for and support someone while they perform the difficult task of designing and building a collection takes a love unbound and beautiful.  That love is what he received from the woman in his life and what inspired him to create a collection of evening dresses that were also unbound and beautiful.

The Fall/Winter 2013 Collection of Aisha X Artini by Dany Tabet was just beautiful.  There was a lot of beading on stretch fabrics that were wonderfully cut to accentuate a woman's curves.  What was also beautiful to note was the integration of the nude sheers together with the beaded chiffons, lamés and velvets fabrics.  Then Tabet went on to add another textural element of coiling and twisting fabrics in an almost interior decorated context to create a sculptural layer on some gowns.  The beading was simply decadent with check, fiery, Byzantine and even Corinthian-like serifs and flourishes.  The combination of the stretch fabrics with these ornate embellishments made for a wonderful red-carpet-esque, sexy and visually captivating collection.

You sensed the labor of love that Tabet went through with this collection and the love supporting his labor as well.  How could one not be inspired with all that love around?

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