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The World Could End, But Fashion Can't: Emerson Fall/Winter 2013 Collection Review

Carnage.  Bedlam.  Nuclear War.  Supernova.  December 12, 2012.  A sighting of the four horsemen.  Whatever happenings conjure up apocalyptic imagery in your head, it never really goes farther than the destruction to consider the things that would've once been cherished and enjoyed before 'that' day.  Things like sports, movies and fashion would factor little if we had to restart civilization, forage for food and seek materials for dwellings.  However, this being the second time around for mankind, food wouldn't be foreign or unfamiliar and there would be remnants of yesteryear in the mix somewhere, so it wouldn't be long before we would start to reconstruct things like they once were.  

It's quite interesting sometimes to imagine what things in society would take new form after an apocalypse.  Would we just go with the basics to survive or would we take the cues from an evolving history of mankind and work towards advancing, progressing and always building upon.  Jackie Fraser-Swan of Emerson has some ideas of fashion in the post-apocalyptic world and the vision is tantamount to a rose growing from a crack in the concrete.

Softness and traditional feminine silhouettes and shapes that do a balanced dance with darker elements like skins and abstract print is Fraser-Swan's envisioned post-apocalypto.  For Fall/Winter 2013 she showed a very wearable collection that was peppered with womenswear staples like shirt dresses, sheath dresses, fem blouses, flared skirts and cardigans.  She ushered in her inspiration for the season with watercolor-esque floated plaids, blacked out inky plaids and textural shimmery brocades and fuzzy fluffy vertical striped knits.  What was of particular note about the collection was the progressive approach to familiar silhouettes.  The flared leather sleeveless dress, the flowy abstract printed flared skirt and the sheath dress with the sheer panel riding the hip was fem with a subtle 'no waste' appeal to them; the idea perhaps being the textiles a post-apocalyptic woman would piece to together to recreate the familiar shapes she loves.

Emerson's message may have been that even after extreme crisis, ideas and the pursuit of beauty will still exist.  The varied ways in which we approach that beauty is essentially how fashion evolves and endures.  

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