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Add Culture Then Stir: Frank 151

Have you ever noticed how much more multifaceted people have become nowadays?  The chiseled model not only graces the pages of magazines, he or she may also own a restaurant on the days they aren't acting in indie films.  The young restauranteur is not just serving ribs and dim sum but also spinning on wax and airbrushing murals on the ceilings of art galleries.  Modern culture and the surge of multimedias and information-overloading nowadays makes it all too easy to not be satisfied with just working and coming home to dinner and dessert.  Today we look for ways to merge our interests, inspirations and hobbies in ways that take us away from the 9 to 5, take us across the planet and make everything we encompass become a labor of love.  This spirit, this energy, this verve of making our lives fuller by cultivating what we love is only heightened by the synergism of coming together and  meshing ideas and talents with one another.  

This whole idea of creating a collective of talent, skills and ideas is something The Malbon Group has been undertaking since its inception in 1999.  The Group is set up in three parts, Frank 151 a lifestyle brand, a creative content agency named Bon and The League, a creative community.  Stephen Malbon, founder of the Malbon Group, started the quarterly lifestyle publication, Frank 151, while studying at the Art Institute of Atlanta by drawing upon his vast network of influential designers, artists, writers and trendsetters.  What culminated was an incredibly cultish and unique publication that was as cutting edge as it was street savvy.  

At a press preview several weeks ago the exploded world of Frank 151 was showcased as it prepared to enter its next phase.  As of April 5th Frank 151 will now be sold at the mega-retailer Barnes & Nobles spreading its ideas and influence to a wider audience of readers, believers and creative-types alike.  Frank 151 brings many thought-provoking and visually stimulating images and verses to print in the artistic, raw, inspired  and unapologetic ways that comprise the modern zeitgeists that we've come to almost expect.

Be sure to stop by Barnes & Nobles to check out Frank 151's 51st chapter now and join the ranks of Raekwon, Hypebeast, The NewYork Times, Erin Wasson and Jamie Hector who all support the hotness that the publication adheres to.  Leave with the issue and the determination to create and step your game up!

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