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Jewelry On (Also From) Well-Deserved Hands: Genevieve Jones Jewelry Fall/Winter 2013 Preview

Would you take dating advice from the woman who was always the bridesmaid but never the bride?  Perhaps not.  Just as how you probably wouldn't take financial advice from someone who dodges creditor calls like it was death itself calling.  We generally trust the advice, offerings and/or samplings from someone who we believe knows a good deal of what they're showcasing, sharing or peddling.  We also generally tend to trust that advice based on our understanding of the person's experience, or lack thereof, concerning the item or matter in question.   

When I arrived at a press preview recently for Genevieve Jones' Fall 2013 line of jewelry I immediately had the sense that I was going to see something fabulous.  However, not just fabulous but also worthy; seasoned if you will.  What created that assumption of a seasoned and 'well worth it' expectancy was the style and air of modern sophistication to follows Ms. Jones around like a certifiable aura.  She has long been heralded by publications such as Vogue and W for her eclectic world-travelled eye and the effortless stylish ease in which she adorns herself in a way that cosmopolitan manner.  It's an informed, 'uptown to downtown & back' and connected way in which many women want to dress.  So  there was no disappointment in seeing the Fall 2013 collection of her jewelry line that's as tough and edgy yet polished and cute as she is. 

For Fall 2013 Ms. Jones continues to offer a really nice collection of jewelry from earrings and pins to bracelets and rings that suit the woman who appreciates both breakfast at Tiffany's and brunch in Tribeca alike.  To me the collection is akin to taking something recognizable in culture that's slightly sinister or has a crudely simple functionality, paring it down artisitcally and making it into an object of affection, grace and envy.  Ms. Jones achieves this by conjuring up bangles with serpentine pave encrusted details and rebelliously beautiful rings with dangling obelisk shapes and larger than life gemstones.  She then goes further by icing out punky-esque safety pin earrings, lovely serif-like pendant necklaces and showing jagged but quaint earrings that are kind of reminiscent of lovely little daggers and spikes.  It's all very special in its detail and craftsmanship.

What sets Ms. Jones' jewelry apart from the rest is that you can tell it's actually designed.  It doesn't have the mass cookie-cutter quality that you see trying to appeal to many women and girls and over the place yet it has a definite appeal to many women and girls by being insightful and unique.   You see something that speaks to you on more than just an accessory level and you want to put it on.  You get the sense that each piece is special and was thought over and the result is a wonderful array of jewelry for the modern sophisticate with polished understandings who, like Ms. Jones, may not know where the evening may take her but wants to remain appropriately accessorized for it.

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