In Eli Reed Mens Spring/Summer 2013 Review The Eli Reed Collection

Rebel Yell, Then Sell: The Eli Reed Collection 2013 Preview

Art mirrors life....(or so it should).  Now consider, for a second, your life consisting of 'kick pushing', cuts, scrapes & the occasional broken bone, stunts performed and maneuvers perfected.  Then consider that you may occasionally tag but don't paint, draw, sculpt or dance.  What you do with your life essentially becomes the inspiration for your art.  So Eli Reed took the easy shapes and colorful ethos of his life and made them come to life through a significant chosen art-form.

Connect the dots now!  Eli Reed, pro skater.  Eli Reed's medium to convey a part of his life, men's fashion.  Reed's collection goes beyond the forgettable skater emblazoned on a tee and the banal uninspired cap.  Not over the top, not under done.  The unapologetic Reed took his love of prints and his love of snapbacks (which must be immeshed in a skater's DNA once he decides that boards rule the world) and used that love to highlight mantras and lifestyles that he and many of his peers can connect and identify with.  Further, after capsule collections sold out in a matter of days at Supreme, it's quite evident that this life connects with fans and admirers too.

Rebellious in its reproach and defiant in its message, Eli Reed's signature line of hats, tees and socks with messages like "Don't Fuck With Us" and "Just Fuckin' Do It" continue on for Summer and Fall 2013 in that just live your life not too seriously sort of way.  Head on over to the brand's website soon for a relaunching and for more info on future release dates.

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