In ASOS Mens Spring/Summer 2013 Review

The Fabric Has Many Faces: ASOS Menswear Denim Spring 2013

So I'm officially convinced that denim makes the world go 'round.  It's like the loose popular head cheerleader of the fabric market.  It's attractive, durable, versatile and you can do almost anything with it for a fair price of course.  Distress it, fade it, wash it, tatter it, scrape it, dye it (I'm speaking of denim now, not the cheerleader....although......).  Wool is torture in the depths of summer, linen leaves you hungering for more depth during the winter months and leather and skins can't really take the good-natured thrashing that denim can.  Blame it on the twill weave or blame it on the cotton base or even blame it on the presence of Lycra, but denim gives bang for your buck whether staying tried and true in its iconic hue or offering more variety by running through the kaleidoscope.  

We've seen denim go through many changes over the years with attempts to modernize its finishings and treatments, but little needs to be done.  It's long been a fabric that can stand strong in its original state or compete with the dolled up cottons and fancied silks by being experimented upon.  Glad we are for those experimentations too.  It shows that our reliance on the strength of denim can be adhered to while satisfying our need for modernity, trend and fashion. 
The cool experiments reign true at ASOS Menswear this spring with a cool line-up of denim for spring 2013.  Stone and acid-washed, dip-dyed and fabric-blocked surfaces all call for an edgy 80's throwback.  However, the shrunken, trimmed down and abbreviated silhouettes pull out the modernity factor in this cool, fresh and youthful collection.  What's nice about the collection is that it can be integrated nicely into some of the fashionable updates that other fabrics are undergoing as well.  Paired with graphic screen-printed tees, slimming cuffed khakis and simplified cycling and skateboarding style accessories, ASOS Menswear denim for spring is an über-cool modern homage to the excitement of 80's denim treatments without the overwrought excesses that plague the 80's like linebacker shoulders and helmut hair.  

Head on over to now, peruse and figure out how this cool collection will best integrate into your closets.  Stock up now and you'll be doing nothing but taking it easy and laying on your back this season.  (....And that time I was referencing the cheerleader).

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