In ASAP Rocky Hood By Air I Rant You Read

I Rant, You Read: Best Read in Black And White - A$AP Rocky in Hood By Air

I've been really feeling black and white this season.  The graphic appeal of these most basic of neutrals are always a perfect showcasing platform.  The simplicity of the lack of color is the perfect platform to highlight shape, text and graphics in stark opposing fashion.  Sometimes little pops of color here and there in vivid primaries can work and add to the cleanliness of the fresh black and white, but the anchoring is always those good/evil neutrals.  Catch it illustrated below on hip-hop's unapologetic fashion disciple A$AP Rocky donning Hood By Air FW 2013 tee while opening for Rihanna at the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn, NYC on May 5th.  

*Photos via Sydney Reising and courtesy of Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

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