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Logic Applied to Leather and Lace-ups: Aloha Rag Semi-Annual Sample Sale Event

You don't really need a reason to shop do you?  Spring is in the air, trying its best to rear it lovely head and give frost (and my thermostat) the final kibosh for the season.  However, how do you shop and what should you buy?  Perhaps you behave as a responsible reasonable individual and purchase a new set of basics.  Or maybe you shop like you're headed for that electric chair called 'larger storage unit'.  Personally, I like to shop with equal parts of intellect, adoration and feasibility.  I desire to acquire clothes that fit properly and show that I know how to dress, shapes and silhouettes that speak to my sense of color and design and, as always, clothing that gives me great style and a bang for my buck.

For those reasons,  well actually, those are "the" only reasons.  Anytime you have designer goods at slashed prices, providing all your variables are met, you shop!  You trove the city, plunder, score and peruse until you find what speaks to your heart's checklist.  One of my plundered shops is Aloha Rag, the designer shop the houses the cult cool and appropriately avant.  It's that time again for their semi-annual Sample Sale which is always a nice one repping labels like Lim, Balmain, Margiela, Kimmel and Factotum.  So get up and running since the sale will be up and running starting today through May 19th at 545 Greenwich Street #2A between Vandam and Charlton.

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