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Looking Cool, Around The Eyes And From The Heart: Tom's Eyewear

There are some days that I just don't feel like getting out of bed.  Not so much due to laziness, its just sometimes you just need to give the brain a rest.  What with all the wardrobe styling to the tailoring to the sketching to the blogging, the brain occasionally needs to yell 'TGIF' as well.  But being a New Yorker, I can't let the 'brain complain' stop me.  So I had to adopt a mindset that motivates me to get up and get dressed.  I call it the two-fold mantra.  There has to be a dual benefit to whatever I undertake.  The New Yorker in me has to get the most out of a situation, an interaction and sometimes even an altercation.  With my two-fold mantra it leaves little room for dissatisfaction.  

This mantra of mine comes to mind when considering the wonderful aesthetic of Tom's.  Many may not be aware that the footwear samaritans of 'buy a shoe, give a shoe' also apply that same humanitarianism to some pretty cool eyewear.  Tom's offers some great eyewear for the season in fun and irreverent color and material pairings with styles like the Lobamba, Marco, Kitty and Sandela.  With styles available for men and women Tom's has now got your feet and eyes covered.  However, that's only one-fold.

The two-fold ushers when every pair sold provides a sight saving surgery, medical treatment or a pair of prescription eyeglasses for a person in need.  That's a full circle two-fold.  So it's possible to party it up this season with some fun spectacles and feel damn good about doing it too.  Jet on over to Tom's website now for all the styles and maybe some cool kicks to go with your new shades.

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