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Show Me His Watch And I'll Tell You His Mind: Flud Watches

I was just telling my friend last week of how I remember when the city was littered with pay phones.  You couldn't walk a block without bumping into a pay phone even ten years ago.  Times change though.  Then when cellphones and smartphones came along, the laziness trend started.  Everyone became connected and therefore disconnected from the everyday regulars like social interaction and healthy attention spans.  The more his smartphone did, the less a man became reliant on outside sources like quarters for pay phones, newspapers, stationery for memos and watches to tell time.  However, some things need not be improved upon.  A digital smartphone clock need not take the place of a good wristwatch since A) the bending of the elbow to tell the time is instinctual, B) a nice wristwatch on a man's wrist is a masculine way to complete the few key items that a man can accessorize with, and C) wristwatches rock!!!

This is why when I come across a good and reasonable watch line, it excites me. A wristwatch can be to a man what earrings, purses and bangles can be to a woman.  However, wristwatches follow the lead of menswear solidity more than trendy fleeting women's accessories.  They can mirror a man's enduring strength and character and with more men becoming aware of the appeal of accessories to complete a look, they are appealing to a broader cross-section of men today.

Flud Watches is one of those watch lines that have mass appeal.  Why?  Their watches have that attractive blend of character and quality that can speak to a man's individuality while honoring his need for strength and stability.  That character can be that of a young teen donning the brand's colorful molded plastic models, a downtown DJ rocking the musician inspired models, the classic gent who needs a handsome classic looking watch without spending a fortune and the modern fashion-attuned gent that may want a bit of the classic and colorful combined.  
New to Flud are their wooden watches made from a variety of woods such as oak and birch.  When paired with various metals there is a harmonious balance of the wrought and the natural.  What remains, however, (and never gets old) is the character of the watches and their visual appeal.  But don't take my word for it!  Head on over to and discover all the reasons to use your cell phone for everything else but telling the time.

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