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Spring Cleaning & Feenin': The Timothy Heenan Showroom/Medium Concepts Agency Sample Sale

Hopefully you've been slowly ladling spring onto the brain.  If you're in New York then you're probably annoyed by the manic depressive, wishy washy, climate conflicted weather reports and wish that the better weather would just arrive already.  How can one start the appropriate spring cleaning if the temperatures keep backsliding into ones that make teeth chatter and keeps people beholden to the same cold weather remedies.  (Not to mention a crappy season for allergy sufferers).  I, for one, am ready to ditch the hot chicken soup for some 'hot off the grill'.  So as I start the channeling the warm weather to STAY in the atmosphere from night to day, I am also slowly preparing to beef up the spring wardrobe.  

With all the liberation that has sprung up in menswear as of late, it's good to have a bit of help.  Not help as in direction but rather help as in a good sample sale that keeps costs down so I can stuff more into my closets.  I am still wearing pieces from my first trip to this sample sale some time ago and with the inclusion of Warriors of Radness and Isaora this should be another cool stop.  Check it out!  

The Timothy Heenan Showroom/Medium Concepts Agency Sample Sale 
241 Centre Street (Between Broome & Grand)
May 2-3 from 9am to 6pm

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