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Three Sixty Degree Design: Nicholas K Fall 2013 Women's Collection Review

There's a thin but quite distinguishable line between complimentary and supplementary.  Now while I could torture you by reminiscing on my high school teacher Mrs. Finkel's questionable joy of hammering us with rhombuses and isosceles triangles, I'll swing in on a different angle.  The fashion and design angle to be exact.  Once a woman identifies and adopts her strengths and also her hang ups she'll probably adopt some supplementary pieces to arrive at a complimentary outlook.  Complimentary arrives as a harmonious balance between figure and fashion that mostly rides with, as opposed to competing with, a woman's form develops.  Supplementary stomps in as that which has a tendency to enhance, like make-up and minimizers, so that the outlook will be complimentary.  Thankfully, the two work together on that 360 degree cycle.

Like the angles, complimentary and supplementary ideas in fashion and adornment are necessary.  However, I think it more desirable that women want to rely over time on more of the complimentary per capita than the supplementary.  I mean I feel more women want to have the bodies and faces that they have in Spanx and with the foundation and mascara but over time they adapt to what they can control and will (or won't) accept from nature itself.  We all have an image of how we wish to look based on our self perceptions, histories and loves in life.  However, many derivations occur since those perceptions can often be persuaded by anything like lovers, parents, childhood and society which includes designers. 

Well what always struck me as nice about Nicholas K designs are the ways in which protection, art, fluidity are used to create a complimentary supplementary design tango.  There's something about the curves, cascades and lines that trace the length of a woman's whole body that cry complementary femininity through curves and softness but in the same hand supplementarily evoke shelter, mystique and armor through layering, print and texture.  For Fall 2013, the Kunz' did not vary from their quite successful, well-defined attractive script.  

Inspired by early 20th century Arctic explorers like Robert Peary and Frederick Cook and tribes like the Inuit of the North Pole, the Nicholas K Fall 2013 Women's collection goes from icy to flowy to steaming.  The collection was peppered with a mostly neutral color palette that ran the gamut from black to warm greys and clay beiges to inky aquas and steely blues.  Pulling many of the looks together was a print reminiscent of swirling icy water at dawn which when printed atop pieces like tucked and draped fluid dresses had a quiet yet resounding strength to them.  Armor and protection ushered in through the fall away function of large lapels and swaddling snood shapes and ski & climbing embellishments streamlined for everyday sensibilities.  

There was an almost nomadic tribal quality to the collection.  However, it was not in a direct singling out way.  It was in showcasing the beauty of using basic geometries, textures and color in an almost primitive nod to achieve freshness, softness and beauty.  For a woman of a certain strength and confidence it was, in a word, complimentary.

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