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Time Checked, Laces Tied, Party On!!- Supra X G-Shock Launch Party NYC

One of the best parties of my childhood was a house party that I snuck out to where I, a beginner,  wound up winning a game of pool.  Sadly enough while I reveled in my rebellious 'youthdom', the mature adolescent in me forgot to drop some moolah in the kitty for myself.  So I was just left with an amazement at my anti-wallflower behavior and left in awe at the cooler older crowd that I joined in dancing till as my mother would say "the time of the night when even dogs are afraid".  (It was a time when if the well-dressed neighborhood hoodlums showed up, they were respected as your local heroes.) Suffice to say, you never know how a party will turn out for you or your guests.  However, one has to think that if you place children in a ball pit, chances are they'll have a good time.  

So into this ball pit throw skateboarders, an open bar, rappers, fresh bites, banging tunes to nod your head to and an atmosphere of 'checking pretentious at the door'.  Supra, the shoe of choice among the attuned skate head set and G-Shock, the choice timepiece for cool, color and coordination celebrated their new collaboration Wednesday night in an energetic launch that brought together all that both brands represent.  Hip hop culture, skating, trendsetting and youthful exuberance came together in hyped fashion.  This was also a birthday of sorts as G-Shock celebrates 30 years of making wrists look better equipped to tell the time.

L to R: Raekwon the Chef w/ Supra Skate Crew member Stevie Williams, Supra Skate Crew member Keelan Dadd w/ Raekwon and Williams, Supra Skate Crew Member Boo Johnson w/ Eve and Williams

L to R:  Jennifer Missoni, French Montana w/ Eve and Flying Lotus

The tone of the room was started off by the smooth DJ Mirandom on the wheels then later in the evening the electric Flying Lotus took the wheels and drove at Autobahn speeds offering the kind of heavy-hitting, head-knocking set he is revered for.  The crowd was peppered with skaters like the Supra Skate Crew and Nigel Sylvester and hip-hop notables alike such as French Montana, Raekwon the Chef, Eve, Too $hort and Kid Ink.  
L to R:  Flying Lotus on the wheels, Stoli line-up and DJ Mirandom spinning

What made the evening cool was that although there were many various professions and backgrounds in the house, the unifying agents of music and fashion kept the peace and kept the vibe fresh the whole night.  Even when the crowd drank every last drop of Stoli Vodka the momentum was still going with Flying Lotus' set that honestly reminded me of the intimacy of the classic house party.  The DJ you can  actually see perform, the accessible liquor stash, the seamless mixing of the people who are 'bumped in through our headphones' with those that 'bump them in their headphones' all made the Supra X G-Shock collabo seem attractive, real and accessible.  

And it is actually!  The crisp matte black bezel detail, the military-grade Cordura nylon band, paired against the sharp red detailing on the "It's About Time" watch makes for a nice everyday timepiece to dress up and down for men and even women.  Supra's Vaider Lite received special treatment with the custom satin TUF upper, SUPRATUF abrasion resistance technology, red G-Shock liner and a printed watch on the tongue set to 8:13 (20:13 in military time).  The sights, the sounds and the atmosphere was at once, new yet familiar and alive yet laid back.  Like my first house party in the early 90's, I was reminded that some ingredients to rock a party never go out of style.  

*Available May 11 at the sites below and at G-Shock and Supra stores in NYC and retailers worldwide.

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