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Versatile Voyage: Façonnable Mens Cruise Collection 2014

Having a diversified can be a two-fold story.  On the one hand diversity can mean that nothing is often too much of the same.  However, on the other hand is a pressing issue that is often ignored but can be just as frustrating as a slew of off duty taxi lights when you're trying to get to enjoy your diversified life on-time.  That issue is, how does one dress for his diversified day?  Frivolous?  Hardly!  It's enough trying to remember that blonde in the corner's name or where you know that impeccably dressed fella with the perfect comb-over from without worrying if you'll walk in dressed to dance the jig while everyone else is dressed to waltz.  

It's advantageous being appropriately dressed for whatever port you're sailing into even if your day calls for several ports of call.  For this reason, I love seeing collections that afford men the option to dress up or down with a clever mash of the toned-down pristine and the dressed-up refined.  Enter the Façonnable Mens Cruise Collection for 2014.

Speaking of pulling into ports, the designers for the collection were inspired by the nautical revelry around Jules Verne's "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea".  The classic navies, nautical stripes and textured sea-fearing knits all had the fine French treatment of accessible luxury in the hands of Façonnable.  What's important to consider here is that when a label succeeds in effective merchandising it can offer any kind of inspired theme for color, print or silhouette while remaining rooted in pieces that offer men transitional options with well-made execution.  That's what Façonnable offers and did not change it's course of navigation with this latest cruise collection.  

Think luxury meets rustic all under an umbrella of wearability.  Anchored in modern tailoring, this collection told a story of blazers with refined tech details like convertible lapels and tabbed closures and reversible outerwear with nylon on one side and canvas on the other.  There was a strong outerwear message with a clean update on the safari jacket, a supple leather knit trimmed bomber and nautical sporty toppers shown optioned in non-sporty ways.  The textured cable knit cardis and a mock neck pullover with the interesting detail of side lacing balanced nicely to add dimension to the inky navies, balmy olives and subtle lilacs.  The layering message was also strong with printed scarves tucked in at shirt, sweater and jacket necks.  With clean and crisp footwear that looks great with everything from the lean suits to jeans to khakis, Façonnable is determined to have its men looking starboard ready when Cruise season 2014 pulls in to port.

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