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Opting For Bravery Over The Banal: Brave GentleMan Spring/Summer 2014

It used to take a brave gentleman to leave the house in anything but the standard tailored norm.  Since any deviation from the norm was always a bit iconoclast, tongue in cheek, if you will.  Well it seems today that the norm is what's standing out just not in the way one would have expected.  It stands out like that safe sore thumb almost.  Especially in menswear.

With all the plethora of ideas, colors, silhouettes and style focuses accepted in modern menswear, its seems the brave thing is to be anything but normal.  To add one's own unique blend of seasoning to their attired dish is what makes the flavor memorable.  

Well Joshua Katcher of Brave GentleMan seems to cater to the man who wishes to use polished tailoring to assert his bravery.  For Spring 2014 he showcased impeccable tailoring with a keen attention to detail and wonderfully feasible color options that told a story of the natural and the wrought.  Katcher's bravery is announced in his usage of green materials, vegan if you will, to appeal to the sensibilities of what men are accustomed to to where they are, or should, go.  It was a message that great visuals and familiar norms needn't be sacrificed; in skilled hands they can be quite a brave and attractive approach.

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