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Art For the Palette: 300 Joules Liqueurs

Gentlemen may prefer a nice stiff apperitif but sometimes it takes a true gent to appreciate a well-mixed cocktail.  Especially if that certain gent has an attuned sweet tooth and a penchant for the aromatic and flavorful.  

The cold weather is upon us which, if you're like me, puts ideas of cozy drinks and comfort food on the brain.  So whether you're a gent that likes a bit of sweet with his spicy cigar, one who likes to have a little sweet liqueur to sip with those cupcakes to surprise his lady, one who likes a bit of sweet to liven up the palette after dinner or one who will just look for any excuse to down alcohol, enter 300 Joules Liqueurs.

There's something for the spicy gentleman and the tart fellow in you (and your other half might love them too).  These are artisanal liqueurs with three sharp distinct flavors of ginger, lemon and cinnamon. Each harbors the flavor of its key ingredient so keenly that they create perfect pairings with nothing more than your favorite champagne or simple liquor to really taste how infused they are.  They are also a perfect liqueur to enjoy over ice or to bathe your favorite dessert in as the flavor melds nicely to baked goods leaving behind the rich flavor of the key ingredient along with a sweet fragrant aroma.  Definitely a liqueur to stock and experiment with and one that will be sure to prove that even the most devout of traditionalists with savor this sip of something sweet.

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