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If The Suit Fits...Wear It, Paint It, Chew it, Skew it!: Mens Fall 2014 Collection Recap

What does fashion that's all over the place create?  Some say creativity.  Some say anarchy.  Those who cry anarchy wail an adoration for uniformity, control and well-polished restraint.  Certain shouts of creativity make a resounding claim for individuality & rebellion and while acknowledging the well-polished, make little pardon for the restraint.

Well it seems that menswear, given its meteoric leap from lilts like "one suit two suit, blue suit grey suit" was destined to enter into the pretty yet uncommunal cry that womenswear has long known.  It's like when a group of celebrity musicians come together to record a collective song with a catchy chorus.  Yeah they can all sing, but if you listen close enough you can pinpoint one unique voice distinct from another.  No one is wrong or right, they're just singing in their own unique voice.  It's reason to celebrate and skepticize in one motion.  

Celebrate, since menswear is absolutely great!  Skepticize, since a lot of men have yet to shed that slow-moving skin that keeps them from thinking 'one coat for everything'.  What designers propose serve to either coax men out of their comfortable havens or keep them nice and dry out of fashion's colorful rain (or reign).  However, which is the right way?  Well it's not so much of a right or wrong way as it is the correct way for him.  Gone are the days of a man looking like a social outcast if he wears his cumberbund pointing in the wrong direction.  The modern enlightened male consumer is increasingly knowing what the rules of old were and deciding what to wear to adapt his wardrobe to the rules his needs brings to the table.

Enter the Men's Fall/Winter 2014 Collection season.  A cacophony of outerwear that fits snugly here and then goes voluminously there, styling ideas proposing boardroom in the morning then perhaps extreme biking in the afternoon and raving in the nighttime all relayed intertwining either a classically tailored,  slacker slouchy or ingeniously modified suit.  Don't forget the sweaters, rompers or pullovers either in Cosby-esque weaves, emblazoned with cheeky blurbs, stretched "left on the hanger too long" adoration or rendered in leather, woven wool or even romantic satin.  

Fall 2014's big outerwear push was a delving into getting men to step outside the box (then sit on it) with parkas, overcoats, greatcoats, stadium jackets, snorkels, bombers, varsities, field jackets and ponchos in colors, hues, shapes and textures from Alligator to Zibeline.  The idea was to quite possibly get men to change their coats as often as women change their handbags.  

It seemed as though designers believe that men are still men, that never changes.  Many of them are strong-willed, know how they want to look and want to exude a certain amount of ease and intelligent effortlessness.  So out came the onslaught of silhouttes this season from trim to heroin and oversize to "room in the thighs".  As silhouettes do push fashion forward, men may not be that much more enlightened come this Fall 2014 but they will most certainly enjoy playing as color pairing, styling and forward-thinking will play major keys in how they peer into their closets.  Albeit, that key may not be a harmonious one but at least there's still the possibility of sweet music to be made.

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