In ASOS Mens Spring/Summer 2014 Review

Weather or Not, No Reason To Worry: ASOS Mens Spring 2014 Preview

It always bewilders me how everyone complains during the height of the season as though it elements have conspired together to play an unfounded cruel trick on them.  In the winter temps drop.  In the spring hay fever rises and so do the temperatures in the summer.  The fall sneaks in to snatch away the summer heat only to get ready for the winter chill again.  It happens every year so you'd think people would be used to it by now.

So what does one do?  You deal with it, no?  Unless you're some cosmopolitan jetsetter who can whisk away to south of the equator before the first frost then what choice to you have?  Further, not all of us can afford to conveniently retire to our ocean front beach house following the meteorologists forecast of an impending heatwave.  So I ask you agin, what is one to do?  One of my ways of dealing is to plan for the weather in one of the most personal ways possible; and that's through my wardrobe.

Well with the sub-zero wind chills hampering the northeast as of late, I've been relishing in my deliciously cozy winter buys while salaciously plotting my leap into my spring get-ups.  Enter ASOS Mens Spring 2014.  An assorted romp through cotton, print, texture and cut that as always has something for the varied style levels of every cool guy.  Hardware, printed, geometry and graphic meet in a mash-up sort of way in the worlds of streamlined sporty, new punky, modern psychedelic and cool librarian.  With each new delightful ensemble for spring, the current wind chill doesn't seem so crippling.  Check out more pics from the ASOS Mens Spring 2014 preview below:

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