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Beneath The Skin: Leather Japan 2014 Showcase

 Kosuke Tsumura Deer Cell sculpture in Deerskin, deer bone and plastic 2014

A new jingle for a popular fast food chain's familiar sandwich.  Something lagging in sales reintroduced as the renewed 'It" thing.  Redoing a classic movie for a new crop of movie-viewers.  Sometimes to really see something in a new light you have to take it out of the familiar element in which you're used to seeing it.

I've always said that the Japanese have a very interesting way of infusing their Eastern aesthetic into reinterpreting Western perspectives.  In the case of Leather Japan, not only is there a wonderful level of craftsmanship lent to a Western perspective but to a reinvigorated traditional Eastern one as well.

 Clockwise from Top Left: Siga-chan Cow Leather biker jacket from Biyou-Jyan 1991, Takahiromiyahita The Soloist Deer, Horse and Kangaroo Leather Rain jacket 2012, vintage deer leather fireman's hood ca. 1751-1853, Shin Murayama Head Hunters mask 2014

Leather Japan is a collective of sorts that showcases a group of selected works from the fields of fashion, art and craftwork.  Leather Japan pulls influence from everything like highlighting traditional vintage Japanese artifacts to contemporary interpretations of everyday goods.  The result is a celebration  of old and new perspectives with leather as a medium in the eyes of Japanese artists, designers, craftsmen and visionaries.

 Clockwise from Top Left: Hender Scheme Cow Leather Manual Industrial Products 2011, Ed Robert Judson Helix Card Case 2009, Hooke Coin Case 2009 & Money clip 2011, Blackmeans Firefighting Hanten in Deer Leather 2014 & Chest Style Datebook 2010 and Blackmeans Rice Ball Case 2010 and Banana Case 2013

During Fashion Week a couple weeks ago Leather Japan showcased its latest installation of the reinterpreted and reborn leather offered by its talented and insightful participants.  Check out the range of artistry and tradition and rediscover a familiar skin again.

 Clockwise from Top Left: Vintage Deer Leather Half length Kimono coat ca. 1751-1853 & Leather Mat with Family Crest 1603-1868, Blackmeans Butsu-Jyan Deerskin Leather jacket 2013, Hender Scheme Deerskin 'Mock' 2014 and Sasquatchfabrix Deer Leather Strait Jacket 2013

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