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The Tasteful Spectacle: Bosideng Fall/Winter 2014 Mens Collection Review

Cheeky spectacles tend to get the most attention nowadays.  Well what's to be said of the adage that 'a well-dressed man is a thing of beauty'.  Truth be told, we are enamored with things that draw a crowd nowadays but tasteful well-executed resolved beauty can be just as resounding as hyped theatrics.  What I most often find is that the visuals of the hyped may be vivid but often times it takes a heightened intrinsic value to leave an impact that draws in more senses than just the visuals.  

Every now and then a collection and/or line comes up that speaks to the senses.  Visually, tactilely and mentally is how the Bosideng Mens Fall 2014 Collection is looking to attract its customers.  The collection showed during fashion week was clean.  However, not in an overly minimal sort of way.  Its clean in the execution of shapes, symmetry and geometry.  Then these precursors were colored in with perfect windowpanes on trim and cropped double-breasted suits, sumptuous colors and plush textures on outerwear like a crisp varsity jacket, an über-cozy shearling and those handsome windowpanes on sporty-inspired outerwear.  Hardly minimal but in no way loud.  The expressive, yet not garish, use of bold color was exciting and handsome and evocative of how modern men approach and envision color.  

The collection was full of pieces that appealed to a younger and older customer alike.  Overall the sense of the offering was young at heart rooted in classic mens revelry, which is essentially the way a modern man moves and hustles.

Photo credit:  Marko Kalfa

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