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Built From The Jean Out: Maison Kitsuné Denim

Warmth is on the horizon.  A bitter cold and snowy winter gives way to a what will hopefully be a perfectly mild and appropriately sunny Spring.  The perfect time to pull out the clothes that were hiding in the closet for the winter is now.  However, this is also the perfect time to update your wardrobe's staple pieces.  Those pieces that can carry over from day to night, season to season, casual to evening out are what I mean.  Staple pieces have longevity, staying power and while you're busy updating a shirt here, a tie there, a cap up and a belt down, it's these staple pieces that stand as solid reminders silently announcing that "hey, I'm here for you to build around".

The indigo or raw denim jean is a staple piece.  Don't have to wear a full suit and can't look like an extra in the rodeo scenes from 'Dallas Buyers Club', then a great pair of trim, well-made and good-fitting pair of raw jeans is key.  They can be that anchor under a nice trim blazer to make a jacketed look more youthful.  On the flip side, they can be that inky broken-in second skin that complements your favorite Spring v-neck and Chuck Taylors.  Enter Maison Kitsuné.

Maison Kitsuné has some great staple denims this season.  Constructed of Japanese denim with subtle details like the right back pocket's tri-color tag and classic details like the red and white selvedged inner outseam, the look is clean like a staple should be.  What really draws you in even further, however, is the fit, the fit, the fit!  French artistry + Japanese quality = Great fit and most assuredly will be the only pant you'll need in that weekender bag for Spring's impromptu weekend escapades.

Maison Kitsuné
1170 Broadway New York, NY 10001
Btwn. 27th and 28th Sts.

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