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Tailoring Of A Different Kind: Mens Grooming Spring 2014

It's always baffled me why some men found it easier to fawn over their shoes matching their belt while their locks resembled a fowl's nest.  That shade of blue on their vintage 60s tie absolutely had to match the blue of their pocket square, however the shade of their teeth didn't match the whites of their eyes.  Maybe their limited edition sneakers had to be box fresh every time they stepped out, but their fingernails left a lot more to be desired.  Perhaps it was better that the awesome houndstooth newsboy cap swooped low to cover the face that had been untended to like the lawn of a old house for sale.

I suppose it may be a matter of perception versus time.  Most people see the great cut of the clothes as the first appearance-grabber, some others see that some of the articles were threadbare.  Some people see beautiful eyes and cheekbones as an attention-grabber, while some notice the scraggly five o'clock shadow surrounding them.  One can see good at first quick glance, but its the lingering glance that shows what needs fine tweaking and tuning.  While most men are having a field day with trying to make a story out of the myriad of clothes, shoes and accessories today it's important to add their actual bodies to the narrative.  By that I mean taking the time to consider all the details of skin, hair and nails.

There are times when clothes just won't do the talking for you, clean nails and clean skin have got to open up a dialogue too.  Nivea has launched a new Sensitive Skin Line of products for men taking into consideration that while our leathers, boots and jeans are tough, our skin (and egos) sometimes might not be.
Nivea is a number one go to brand for easy uncontrived skin care and they are well aware of the concerns men with sensitive skin issues may have to not want to fuss (or at least look like they don't). That's why their new Sensistive Skin Line has an easy body wash, face wash and gel moisturizer.   Then for the gents who trust themselves with a razor they have a Sensitive Skin shaving gel, shaving cream and post shave balm.  The idea is not rocket science; just Nivea necessitizing and making it a little easier for men of sensitive skin types to pamper their faces and bodies to make sure they're just as suave as their 'drobes.
Tweezerman also wants men to know that certain grooming hits the nail right on the head (no pun intended).  With all the great wristwatches, cool mixed media bracelets and jaunty little details underneath shirt cuffs and blazers just waiting to be turned up, why ruin the polished touch with questionable nails.  Tweezerman G.E.A.R. enters the scene to make men take notice that their nails need a bit of TLC too.  They've launched 'G.E.A.R.', a complete essential set of tools for men to get their toes, fingernails and beards in order.  Tease that unibrow, cut those 'Freddy Krugers' and neaten up that 'nanny goatee' with a pair of ergonomic tweezers, cuticle scissors, cuticle pusher/file, nail clipper, toenail clipper and deluxe shaving brush.  Handsome hands make for a better handshake.

Both Nivea Sensitive Skin for Men and Tweezerman G.E.A.R. products are available now online and at select retailers.  You've been briefed!

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Spring? It's About Time: Spring Mens Fashion Editorial

We've waited patiently (some of us anxiously) for the Spring to arrive, and it has.  So let the hay fever, 'April Showers May Flowers', delightful walks in the park and locking away of the winter apparel begin.  Speaking of apparel, I (one of the anxious ones) would like to present you with my first exclusive editorial (more to follow) for and invite you to gather your dapper Spring layers, forget the naysayers and enjoy 'A New Spring In His Step'.

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Tax Season's Early Refund: Basil Hayden's® Bourbon Tax Day Cocktail

Grab a glass, not a ledge this tax day.  As the deadline looms ahead, inevitably you have to get it done. If you're recuperating in the hospital with several broken limbs, how can you pat yourself on the back on April 16th?  Now if you decided to 'soldier up' and weather the 1040, W2, EZ this, EZ that storm then I say reward your efforts and relax your senses with a nice cocktail.  After all, it's better to ponder "how many cocktails do I need to relax?" rather than "how long do I have to wear this leg brace?"

Basil Hayden® Bourbon has an early refund for you with their 'Refund Spice'cocktail.  A modern twist on two classic bourbon cocktails, the Refund Spice perfectly combines the delicious spicy & peppery finish of Basil Hayden® with the distinct flavors of sweet honey syrup, tangy raspberry vinegar and tart grapefruit juice.  What've you got here?  Tart, sweet, tangy, spicy with the kick of one of America's native spirits?  To me that sounds like it's time to lock away the write offs and expenditures of 2013 and saddle up to finally enjoy the flavor of a new year and a new drink.  As always, enjoy often, if your pleasure, and please enjoy responsibly.  

Basil Hayden’s® Refund Spice
Created by Marie Zahn (Louisville, KY)
2 parts Basil Hayden’s® Bourbon
1 tsp. Honey Syrup*
1 tsp. Raspberry Vinegar
Grapefruit Soda
1. Add Basil Hayden’s® Bourbon, honey syrup and raspberry vinegar over ice in a Collins glass and stir.
2. Top with grapefruit soda.
3. Garnish with a grapefruit peel.
*Honey Syrup
1 cup Honey
1 cup Water
1. In a small saucepan, heat the honey and water.
2. Stir until fully incorporated, then let cool and refrigerate.

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The Welcomed Darkside of The Atelier: Skingraft Designs Mens Fall/Winter 2014 Lookbook Review

There's a common misconception about menswear that it always has to be three-pieced, wool-worsted, Bemberg-lined or tailor-made.  Now while that is the wonderful thing about traditional menswear, that the construction the materials and the techniques are almost classic, handsomely familiar and almost scientific, there's also a beauty in aspects of menswear that fall outside of classic.  
While the most influential menswear remains the classic, the precise, the labored-over, the newer forms of menswear that are more relaxed and less formulaic are quite impressionable as well.  They reflect the changing attitudes of men, the influence of crossing cultures and the changing attitudes towards masculinity.  To respect the classic mens fashion but not examine and remain open to the newer menswear aesthetics is  like understanding and accepting the age of the computer but refusing to update from your Commodore 64 to a modern desk top.  
I, for one, have a love for many forms of menswear.  I absolutely adore a maniacally precise glen-plaid suit with a dot-stictched lapel and ticket pocket but I also love a perfect artistic drop crotch trouser, svelte high top sneaker and asymmetrically draped oversized tee.  With menswear, what I see is the beauty of the design, what I respect is the history of the craft, what I've come to admire is the chameleon nature of its construction around the male form and what I find intriguing is the influence of the styles that have longevity.  

Well, school lessons aside, I really dig Skingraft Designs.  It's inky, dark and definitely After-five but with a cool-factor, artistry and whimsy that give it a lightness, qualified all-day appeal.  Since most of their collections have a youthful darkness to them, they always seems to create intriguing details through pattern, embellishment and silhouette making a statement that is aggressive while approachable and quite covetable.  

For Fall 2014, Skingraft showed a Mens Collection inspired by the alpha male animal.  Appropriately so, since they've gained quite a cult following since their 2006 debut that has made them an alpha of sorts in their genre.  Heavy in leather, wool and a variety of cable and jersey knits, they showed a collection that was full of clever seaming to showcase a diagram of the alpha wolf.  The sliced wolf diagram found its way onto the front bodices of varsity jackets, the bib fronts of dropped crotch trousers, the fronts of sweatshirts and the tops of caps complete with jaunty wolf ears.  Another diagram, this time of an alpha bear, found its way onto intricately quilted flight jackets, puffer vests and hoodies.  

Meshing the collection was familiar menswear & military surplus details, modern approaches to layering, like shorts over leggings, and innovative pattern-making exploring the oversized and the asymmetric.  Strong hardware, durable quality weight knits were anchored with strategically placed insertions of leather that created a great dialogue of solidity and a plausible case for modern armor.  As always the pieces were cool and interesting without leaving the wearer feeling as though he'd be wearing a costume.  So for the menswear purists, it may not be a six-on-two 'double breast heavy' collection but the dedication to good construction and patterning for a crop of men who don't necessarily stomp on Wall Street is worth a tip of the old fedora.

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