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Tailoring Of A Different Kind: Mens Grooming Spring 2014

It's always baffled me why some men found it easier to fawn over their shoes matching their belt while their locks resembled a fowl's nest.  That shade of blue on their vintage 60s tie absolutely had to match the blue of their pocket square, however the shade of their teeth didn't match the whites of their eyes.  Maybe their limited edition sneakers had to be box fresh every time they stepped out, but their fingernails left a lot more to be desired.  Perhaps it was better that the awesome houndstooth newsboy cap swooped low to cover the face that had been untended to like the lawn of a old house for sale.

I suppose it may be a matter of perception versus time.  Most people see the great cut of the clothes as the first appearance-grabber, some others see that some of the articles were threadbare.  Some people see beautiful eyes and cheekbones as an attention-grabber, while some notice the scraggly five o'clock shadow surrounding them.  One can see good at first quick glance, but its the lingering glance that shows what needs fine tweaking and tuning.  While most men are having a field day with trying to make a story out of the myriad of clothes, shoes and accessories today it's important to add their actual bodies to the narrative.  By that I mean taking the time to consider all the details of skin, hair and nails.

There are times when clothes just won't do the talking for you, clean nails and clean skin have got to open up a dialogue too.  Nivea has launched a new Sensitive Skin Line of products for men taking into consideration that while our leathers, boots and jeans are tough, our skin (and egos) sometimes might not be.
Nivea is a number one go to brand for easy uncontrived skin care and they are well aware of the concerns men with sensitive skin issues may have to not want to fuss (or at least look like they don't). That's why their new Sensistive Skin Line has an easy body wash, face wash and gel moisturizer.   Then for the gents who trust themselves with a razor they have a Sensitive Skin shaving gel, shaving cream and post shave balm.  The idea is not rocket science; just Nivea necessitizing and making it a little easier for men of sensitive skin types to pamper their faces and bodies to make sure they're just as suave as their 'drobes.
Tweezerman also wants men to know that certain grooming hits the nail right on the head (no pun intended).  With all the great wristwatches, cool mixed media bracelets and jaunty little details underneath shirt cuffs and blazers just waiting to be turned up, why ruin the polished touch with questionable nails.  Tweezerman G.E.A.R. enters the scene to make men take notice that their nails need a bit of TLC too.  They've launched 'G.E.A.R.', a complete essential set of tools for men to get their toes, fingernails and beards in order.  Tease that unibrow, cut those 'Freddy Krugers' and neaten up that 'nanny goatee' with a pair of ergonomic tweezers, cuticle scissors, cuticle pusher/file, nail clipper, toenail clipper and deluxe shaving brush.  Handsome hands make for a better handshake.

Both Nivea Sensitive Skin for Men and Tweezerman G.E.A.R. products are available now online and at select retailers.  You've been briefed!

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